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This is the first release of this house,
future planes for this house are scheduled
and will be revealed in its right moment,

Auögrimr Location

This is a huge player house that haves everything you need to make a perfect settlement for your player in future you will be able to accommodate even more followers cause it haves already 2 follower bedrooms and the players bedroom. This house also haves the Alchemy room with alchemy table and enchanting table, a bog library kitchen al this at the main entrance floor...
At the basement floors bellow you will find the smithing room and forge tanning rack and storage for your lingots... at the second basement you will find the weapons room with 16 large chests and lots of weapon rack, also you will find the War room with 4 mannequins and display cases, and the treasury room that haves its own key that you can find in the table at the weapons room...
But this is not all...
The surrounding outside area of this house as been carefully planed and redecorated to give you a peacefully place to be...a lake and smiting place, a guard house and much more...the house area is closed with a stone wall and a gate...

Future Plans

Planing on extend the outside house terrain limits to had horse stable,
and more stuff
Planed to expand the house interior with extra rooms for more followers...
and child rooms...

Install and instructions

Manual House intall

up pack the file and extract the data folder into the Skyrim directory located at:

C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\skyrim
Remember that this file should always be at last in your load out order even when you
download more files you have to always move this house to last in the load order...

Recomended Mods for improving Whiterun Area

The Pines of Whiterun

Beautiful Whiterun

At least install one of them, I am using The pines of whiterun...
OpenBooks Resource by Blary (
BookSets Resource by Blary (
New Plants 1_1 by Tamira
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix (
Strotis Small House Resource (
Insanity\'s Lanterns by InsanitySorrow (

Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67

Mixed resources from Tonynarko67

Mirrored statues by McManus82
The TESA Skyrim Resource Kit Project (
And a lot more probably that I missed here but that have credit for their wonderful work that gives us the possibility of creating different stuff...

Auögrimr v 0.2

Auögrimr v 0.3

Update Log


- Garrison quarters rooms added

- Warroom basement Redecorated added door to Garrison quarters

- House main entrance Redecorated

- Added General stores to a lot of the previous static objects in the Alchemy room and Ligrary...

. Main player Bedroom redecorated...

-Added 3 Bookshelfs...

- Added general stores to the Forge bacement...


- House terrain expanded to support Stables ...

- Added stables ( Still on wip)

- Added gate to access stable with horses

- Added Library and resting place...

Auögrimr Requirements

This version makes a lot of use of General sttores Mod located here :

You must install this before using the house statics like its suposed to...


The outside new terrain its still in developement...just wanted you guys to have this for now so that you can use it in game...?

Next updates

A new part of the House is being developed as a optional addon...I wanted to connect this house to a large Asgardian santuary that is allready on developement...Also the outside stables are still on developement and changing as I didn't liked the grass inside the small house near the stables...

Thanks you all...


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