Sanctuary of Everlasting Light by TDK
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Ever wanted a house with a Meridia statue in it? Well I have! In this player home is a forge area complete with grindstone, armorer workbench, tanning rack, smelter, an NPC merchant, and of course the forge itself. Next is a small mage area with an enchanting table, alchemy workbench, and an NPC merchant. Then a kitchen area complete with fireplace and cooking pot, table with a few items on it, hanging rabbits, hanging garlic, hanging elves ears, hanging mirriam, and hanging pheasant. As well as a bedroom with a safe, a double noble bed, and a table. Next in line is the custom mercenary, who is just outside of the house in her own little shack. Finally is the room with the giant statue of Meridia in it, which is the very first room you see upon entering. Next update will include a second floor (if I can get the stuff to work for me)