The Khajiit Thief - Short story as a book in game - Volume I by P D Brierley
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UPDATE: Volume II now available!

The Khajiit Thief tells the tale of a young Khajiit woman named Zirana using her particular skill set to survive and thrive in Tamriel! With the help of her Argonian friend Skilled-with-Coin, Zirana investigates mysterious rumour surrounding the Thalmor. Rumours that could lead to everlasting wealth...or everlasting death...

This is only the first part of the story and can be bought from Lucan Valerius at the Riverwood Trader!

Written by myself purely as a writting exercise and an attempt to add a lore-friendly tale to the world of Skyrim, if this story succeeds then there will definitely be more to follow!

Please note that this is a work of fan fiction, I do not own any characters, places or events that may reference trade marked or copyrighted material that belongs to Bethesda