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Explore the land of Martar planet. Now i'ts just 9 Islands, but I'll made a lot of them in some time!


Islands list:
1)Starting island, designed like a player home.
2)Juniper Island with a lot of juniper trees.
3) "Isla Trli" just a small island with some mining resourses.
4)Black bear's island with a lot of bears, deers and elks.
5)"Two peaks pass": two peaks with a Thalmor camp on the north peak, and a Stormcloak camp on the south peak.
6)Island with Instance enterance.
Other islands added in updates.

Known bugs:
1)There is no LOD yet.
2)Some NPC may go underwater and stay there. Status: Failed so far.

Recommended to use with Summer in Skyrim mod(Thanks to it's Author).

0.0.2 Changes:
1)Added new island With a small colony.
2)Created teleports between islands and between Martar & Skyrim (Teleport in Riften).
3)Finally created tiny instance.

0.0.3 Changes:
1)Added missing teleport COLONY<->ISLA
2)Added a new great island with a teleport to it from "Two peaks" (in Thalmor camp). It also has a WIP cave with some gathering plants.
3)On the new island there is a book with IDs of some NPC that you can summon on Martar.

0.0.4 Changes:
1)Started working on a new great island with a giant camp.
2)Continued Hopeless grotto, added a branch to the new island.
3)Added interior to one of the Colony's houses.