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Dawnfang And Duskfang REBORN

no assets have been used from oblivion, except for the idea of the weapon and name

Description of my mod:
this is an attempt to bring back my favorite and one of the most unique weapons from shivering isles: dawnfang/duskfang.
All forms of the blade now have a custom near death effect (courtesy of ZeroEternalz) and the blades now have a scabbard
Quick Update: thanks to Sabourok for spotting a problem when the blades transform, causing an invisible sword to appear and dawnfang still available in inventory


if you would like a non-dawnguard dependent version, you can find it here

Dude, we were just playing Oblivion and saying 'i wish this sword was in skyrim' so kudos!?

--What a coincidence XD

since i dont know how to create quests, i have created a book placed around the world. the book can be found in the following place:
dawnguard HQ, breezehome, castle volkihar, hjerim, archmages quarters, bards college, dragonsreach, blue palace, palace of kings, mistveil keep, proudspire manor, Arcanaeum, honeyside, where you meet sheogorath, vlindrel hall, understone keep, and can be found on the madwomen

Effects of Dawnfang and Duskfang

-fire damage
-sunlight damage

Dawnfang Superior
-fire damage
-sunlight damage
-absorb health

-frost damage
-moonlight damage

Duskfang Superior
-frost damage
-moonlight damage
-absorb magicka

Shared Effects of all the blades:
-dawnguard rune axe enchantment (for duskfang, it does moonlight, instead of sunlight)
-dawnguard rune hammer enchantment (it does work while wielding a shield)
-soul trap (hense why it has unlimited charge)
-Meridia's retribution (just the explosion part of the enchantment)

to temper the blade right now you will need the following:
-goat cheese wheel
-human heart
-vampire dust
-ebony ingot
-Daedric Smithing Perk
-Arcane Smithing Perk

Known Bugs

-when waiting/sleeping while the animation for sheathing/unsheathing is going, you can lose the blade (i dont think i can fix this issue)
-there could be a chance that the kills arent counted because of the effects killing the target before you do

Credits and Special Thanks

-Teh Masterer for the scripts
-CaBaL120 for the textures
-tesfan123 for the mesh and the picture
-jefthereaper for writing the backstory of the blade in journal format of sheogorath himself
-ZeroEternalz for giving me a unique near death script for dawnfang/duskfang
-camz123 for inspiring me to recreate the weapon, and providing script resources (in the misc section for download)

Special thanks to the people who have helped me
-ZeroEternalz for giving me effect ideas, and supporting this mod
-Jefthereaper for giving me ideas for the weapons extra enchantments and for other stuff
-tktk1 helping me with the transformation script
-sagittarius22 for scripting help
-Mujuro for helping me to make a script

if i missed anybody i am very sorry, i tried to keep track of who helped me

Please check out this mod by ZeroEternalz Legendary Souls