Astrids Sister - Victoria by Derrick4490
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Last updated at 22:33, 25 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 4:27, 8 Oct 2012

REMINDER: Victoria can enter and exit both Dark Brotherhood Sanctuaries!


1. Victoria will now automatically move to Dawnstar Sanctuary after "Death Incarnate" quest.
2. Victoria will sandbox in Dawnstar Sanctuary.
3. Fixed conflicts with sandboxing in Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.
4. Victoria will now comment on the events of "Death Incarnate" during that quest.
5. Victoria now fights smarter, as an assassin should.
6. Updated Equipment.

Future Updates :

1. Dialogue between Victoria and Astrid.
2. Possible quest line.
3. Possible voice-acting (that would be awesome, any help would be appreciated).

Update Instructions: Please do a clean save install for those of you who already have her as a follower/wife.

1. Deactivate mod
2. Load game
3. Save game
4. Activate mod
5. Load game
6. Success

After you reload the game, Victoria will no longer be your wife or follower. No worries, just head back to the Sanctuary and she'll be waiting for you!

Please comment for suggestions!

Quick FAQ: **SPOILER**

1. Will Victoria survive the Sanctuary raid, what happens to her afterwards?
A. Yes, Victoria will survive the raid and will move on to the Dawnstar Sanctuary after that quest is completed.

Meet Astrid's sister, Victoria. Ventured all the way from High Rock to help her sister rebuild the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, she has arrived just ahead of the Night Mother. Companion-Marriageable.

Where: Found in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Prerequisites: Member of Dark Brotherhood

Mods Used: ApachiiSkyHair, Coverwomen look_2, The Eyes of Beauty, Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament

This is my first mod ever, no bugs that I could find at all. Hope you guys like it, if so please endorse!

Comments are very welcome!!!