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Just a simple wearable Elder Scroll mod, with no need for Dawnguard. Comes with Dragon scroll type with a powerful enchantment, as well as blank Elder Scrolls for enchanting.

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--Dawnguard and non-Dawnguard versions available--

This is pretty straight forward. Unpack the ZIP file into your data folder, activate the mod, and then go to the Tanning Rack to make the scrolls.

If your Elder Scroll is not showing up as in your inventory and available for crafting, then go to the cooking pot and make a Purify Elder Scroll Potion there for the correct scroll. It will take some ingredients, but it will unlock the Quest Item status of the scroll.

**Warning** Do not use an Elder Scroll for crafting until the end of the main quest, and the end of the Dawnguard quest if using Dawnguard. Doing so before hand could break the quests. Afterwards though, the scrolls become relatively inert, and just sit in your inventory.

What this mod does is allow you to wear four versions of the Elder Scroll, the Dragon version from the main quest, which gains some powerful enchantments, the Sun and Blood versions from the Dawnguard DLC, and blank Elder Scrolls which hold no power of their own, but are in fact just cheap knock offs of the originals.

All all of the scrolls take up the slot 47 when equipped, unlike the original which was an ammo item (like the arrows, lol to shooting elder scroll arrows). However for enchanting purposes, the Blank Elder Scrolls are treated as amulets. All of the Elder Scrolls will show up in the Jewelry Section of the Tanning Rack when you have the necessary Elder Scroll. Blank Elder Scrolls (non-wearable) show up under the Misc section though, since they are books.


Dragon: Gives you +50 magicka, +100% magicka regen rate, lowers the cooldown of Shouts by 50%, and gives you a 10 Fire damage cloak effect.
Blood: Gives you +50 Health, +100% Health Regeneration (great for counter acting the effects of the sun), a 5 damage Drain cloak effect (drains stamina and magicka if your vampiric drain would), and allows you to draw energy from the Scroll once per day to feed yourself like a Blood Potion would do.
Sun: Complete immunity to fire (including sun damage), even at stage 4 vampirism, +25% effectiveness to Restoration spells, and a sun damage cloak effect that harms undead for 10 damage, and causes them to explode on death.

Wearable Lute If your character is a bard, and want something on the back. I find this a great mod to use. By Dragonis0

--Change Log--

- Added the Blood and Sun scrolls with their own unique enchantments. This update requires dawnguard.

- Due to request, changed the attachment slot to 47, so you can wear it with amulets. It is still enchanted as an amulet though.
- Fixed the model so it no longer becomes detached when you die, fixing the error where it changed positions on your character after every reload.
- Offset the position slightly so it is not sitting directly on top of the arrows.
- Added a crafting recipe to turn the Elder Scroll back into the book form, in case of screw ups.