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UPDATE: 12/15/12 Battlemage addition added!
(Summary) Saiko Stormcrown is a Half Nord/Imperial- specializing in dual one-handed swords, daggers and long bow. Styles can be switch out to compliment a pure character-should you wish to be one and just for effectiveness. He harbours fully upgraded Dragonscale Armor-plus 500k septims lefted unspended for use in addition with a ton of expensive vauables found within the chests' at Breezehome and Hjerm of Windhelm.
(Companions)-The Bladesman is accompanied by an ancient pure vampire Nord women- awaken from the lost visages of the Alessian era, along with a rather exubrant; 'maniacal' man madden by his unwavering obsession with a jester among his final days. Together, they're a family, -whether one should be indulged or barded with erradical annoyance, they're forever be one's faithful companions'. And of course being noted as a mastered conjurer, Saiko excels practice within the forbidden arts of necromancy amid towards his fullest potential to resurrect back two Volkihar Vampires of Molog-Bal's Realm to fight at your side.

Stormcrown's alternated in various cloth/ armor outfitted in for the insane jesters, light armored Shadowswords-including two unique outfits befitted for the Civil War towards those who wishes to join. Will you stand amongst the Imperial Throne to restoring the peace and reunifying Skyrim, or liberate the heartland of the Nords for the truest of Sons and Daughters of Skyrim in the name of Ulfric Stormcloak-the self-proclaimed true High King of Skyrim?

Primary Used Skills:
One Handed Sword

Seconday Used Skills :
Light Armor

Tertiary Skills

Main Quests not completed:
-Civil War Questline( Whether or not you wish to be Legion or Stormcloak)
-Collection of all the Dragon Priest Masks
-Getting Married

I strongly suggest you download WARZONE-Civil Unrest or any creature/quest musc-mod for versions 1.3-1.4 by now, nearly everything has been done.

Miscellaneous Quest:
Never actually bothered with many of the misc quest since it wasn't really neccesary, unless if it requires for obtaining the Thane of Hold-which many still aren't earned yet

-Dawnguard Required

-Mods Required:
More Hair Colors-More Hair Colors r5 (That's it) ;3

-Mods I recommanded
Player Headtracking
Fantasy Music Overhaul
W.A.T.E.R- Water and Terrain Enchancement Redux
EDWS Enhanced Dynamic Weather System
Get Snowy- Get Snowy V4-1
Zoner's High Performance ENB mod
Totally epic music battle dragons- epic remixed music
Touchi Hiroki Japanese Voice Replacer
Fix for combat music- FixCombatMusic
Dovahkiin Relaxes too- dovahkiinrelaxV14

If you wish to get dismiss either or both Cicero and Serana, remember to trade back the Dragonscale equipment and Diamond trinkets for if you wish to travel with another character, then part ways.

Save 3-lv 81(1 perk unspended) option w/ new weapons/gear- Penitus Oculatus w/ custom Aetherial Ruby Circlet added added
Save 2-lv 80 option w/ Stormcloak Officer added
Alternative Option for lv 1 Helgen added:

You are free to edit my character either through the "showracemenu" console command or from the bosmer women located in the Ragged Flagon.

Just download the save file manually and drag it to your Main Skyrim Save Folder.

A Follower Prolouge/Epilouge: (just for fun)

(Note: These does contain SPOILERS if you have yet to complete the following storylines)

~Saiko is accompanied by the Dark Brotherhood Keeper-Cicero, the last true remaining member of the Brotherhood who've followed the ancient traditions and- The Five Tenets- that made it even possible for the guild to survive this far for centuries. The dualsman spared Cicero's life within "The Cure for Madness" not just for the ways alone, but sympathically for how the poor fool ended up in the state hes in now. And thus by that, Cicero is forever greatful to you and will follow you through the end times until one of you "dies horribly" for the Night Mother. (BFF! <3)
Ready yourself for an amusing laugh of antics...or an hysteria of creepy annoyance ;3

~Saiko additionally is accompanied by the beautiful female Nord vampire, Serana, uninterpretedly awaken due to the bladesman after centuries of pure slumber. The bladesman discovered that the women is a daughter of Coldharbour, a pure blooded vampire of the Daedric Lord, Molag Bal, thus forspoken within the ancient prophecy that the arcane weapon -Auri-El's bow is required of that of a pure-blooded vampire of the realm of Molag Bal in order to taint the weapon's purpose and use it to end the "Tyranny of the Sun" forever. Together, along with the keeper, the trio stormed through the gates of Castle Volkihar to face Serana's father and ceased both him and his vile prophecy from ever coming to fruition. Soon when it was all said and done, the Nord vampire glanced back to your shoulder-exotic shades of amber englaced with a twinkle of genuinity like she have known you for all of her lifetime. Another crusade of adventure assues as a void of emptiness within her life has truely been filled.