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  1. garethschu
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    Yes, these tracks are included in Fantasy Soundtrack Project - but I keep coming back to this one. Why? I think it comes down to tone, quality, and lore-friendliness. For whatever reason, whenever I use FSP I end up getting taken out of the game by some random fake piano-based track that shouldn't be there. While there isn't nearly as much content here, Robert Scott's compositions seamlessly blend with Jeremy Soule's original music, and they completely enhance the mood and atmosphere of the game. Wonderful!
    1. mgyoshi
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      Totaly agree with this one. Downloaded and installed the FSP today and when I came out of the bleakfalls barrow I heared this lame happy piano track playing in the snow. What the hell? The combat music though was dam great. I never felt that dread or adrenaline when fighting the big spider but this time Oh my. Anyone any more sugestions of what other soundtrack mods there are I could use? Thanks
    2. Darkness4ever
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      The tone is on par with the original composition, without overtaking the gamplay. And it isn't bloated with content, which is fantastic for me.
  2. woutrix11
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    I have been using this mod in Skyrim for 4 years now, to the point where I forgot which tracks it added, and decided to try to port it to Skyrim SSE. During this process I decided to listen to the tracks again. I honestly thought these were from the original game. Now I know what I have been missing in SSE xD Thank you so much for this mod, it is absolutely essential to me.
    1. DemiserofD
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      Hey, suppose you could upload that Skyrim SE version? I'm hopeful that this version will work on my SE copy, but it would be cool to have a confirmed version available.
  3. cubbyman1
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    even though this is a small music mod.. i still love this more than most music mods out there that try to get that lore friendly sound. this one does this really well.
  4. Spunky23
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    Real awesome work, though I'd say its more fitting into Oblivion. It reminds me of some tracks from that game.
  5. redprincess79
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    Love this music. Thank you!
  6. LatinGames
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    Looks great, but very often Music and sound in Skyrim skip, so it's impossible listen up,even try different load order, but same issue

    Any Ideas?
  7. erehwonnz
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    Still the best soundtrack expansion out there as far as I'm concerned. Consistent quality, taps into the atmosphere of Skyrim, avoids the pianos and high-fantasy music that occurs in other projects. Endorsed.
  8. Onichu
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    Hearing the "Many Miles" track just after killing Mirmulnir was priceless! Now, if we could just get Shadow of the Colossus' "Counterattack" to play when a dragon lands during its final moments...
  9. GabrielRaf
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    Hello . Does this mod work with Dragonborn dlc ?
  10. Mathalor
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    Is this safe to clean with TESVEdit?