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Adds the cartographer Nataly Dravarol to the game. She sells maps of the territories. If you have the DLCs, there will be mapsellers for those new areas too.
These maps show you every map marker in that territory (except the military camps), but they're not for fast travel.

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Adds the cartographer Nataly Dravarol to the game. She sells maps of the territories (Eastmarch, The Reach etc.).
These maps show you every map marker in that territory (except the military camps, you can find the map for these in her house), but they're not for fast travel.
Every map costs around 2500-3000 Gold (worth: 1000).

You can find the house Nataly is living in west of the stables of Whiterun.

! Dawnguard !

You can find the new mapseller (another member of the Dravarol family) for the updated Dawnguard map in Riften in Haelga's Bunkhouse.

! Dragonborn !
Adds the cartographer Aryne Dravarol to the game. She sells the map of Solstheim. You can find her in Raven Rock in the Retching Netch.
The Solstheim map is worth 3000 gold, so much more expensive than the Skyrim maps.

Russian version (thanks to DJ_Kovrik)


Use the Nexus Mod Manager, there's a pretty automatic installer!

If you don't want to use it read this:

"1 Mapseller" is the version without any DLCs. You don't need this if you only want the DLC mapsellers. Just drag the content of this folder in your "skyrim/data/" folder.

To install the Dragonborn mapseller just drag the content of "3 Dragonborn" into your data folder. For dawnguard the same ("2 Dawnguard").

The folder "scripts" is needed, if you don't copy this into your data folder the mod won't work!

You can use all of them if you have all DLCs or just the ones you want!


If places are missing or you find bugs contact me via Skyrim Nexus. This is my first real mod, so any reaction would be nice.
You can add places from your mod to the maps, please contact me if you do so.

There will be a German version too.


2.0: Reworked the whole script, only one script for all maps
Added missing map markers
Deleted the coastline map
Translated two places into english
Added missing pictures

1.3: Dragonborn mapseller added to Raven Rock
Better lightning in Nataly's house
Install script for the NMM added
Cleaned the esp with TES5Edit
Made a new mapseller for Dawnguard for more flexibility. Nataly doesn't sell the Dawnguard updates now.

1.2: Nataly only sells and buys books now.
Worth raised from 500 to 1000.

1.1: Map of the Military Camps added to the house
English mappictures added
Better house interior
Better navmeshes

1.0: Initial Release

- Thanks to -

Bethesda for their great games und the Creation Kit
Skyrim Nexus for the great community and mods for the best German community for all the places