Archmage Spellcrafting by Joshua Petersen
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Tired of playing an Elder Scrolls game without spellcrafting? Tired of mods that pretend to be spellcrafting that are just using recipes to make pre-designed spells?

Archmage Spellcrafting is NOT for the casual mage.
Gaining access with your Archmage Key upon ascending to the height magical prowess in Winterhold, in your Archmage Quarters, you gain access to a special portal, a gate to a demiplane where the ancient art of spellcrafting can begin once again.

Mostly lore-friendly (with the exception of a credits journal), Archmage Spellcrafting lets you mix and power up effects to create your own custom spells... just be warned, they're not all neccesarrily stable. It will take time, research and patience to turn the spell into your desired magical goal.

( is where this mod will be primarely maintained. Mod does not require use of script extender. Mod is still in early stages, so please report any bugs you find on the previously mentioned page. Thanks, and have fun!)


New A0.2 Edition.... HUGE change.... the previous two spells, Ayem and Bedt are NOTHING compared to the new CESS spell.

Cess cast allows four spell effects, each with spells targets choosable (chosen by placing groups of soul gems into recepticals. Soul gems are not consumed, and don't have to be filled.)

However, Cess Focus lets you switch between spells... and the spell count receptical lets you control how many spells are in your list (up to 125). Spellcrafting. Is. Officially. Back.