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Someone over at Bethesda forums asked if someone could do the Ayleids as a Playable Race, back then i had just released the mod SkyTEST-MysticLands which adds new elven type races, so i basically just learned the process of creating a new race and decided to help on the request of that person.


The Ayleids, also known as the Wild Elves or Heartland High Elves, were the first race to establish an empire in Tamriel. They lived in a tribal society, with each "tribe" being different from the next.

They were the establishers of the Imperial City, creating and designing the White Gold Tower, and apparently spoke a variation of Old Cyrodiilic. Because they lived so long ago and their language is largely undecipherable, little else is known about them.

Throughout Cyrodiil many Ayleid ruins can be found. These ruins are filled with dangerous traps, monsters, bandits, and undead. Many would-be treasure hunters have died trying to plunder these lost ruins of the Ayleids.

The Ayleids Starting Attributes:

* +10 Alteration

* +5 Archery

* +5 Light Armor

* +5 Alchemy

* +5 Sneak

* +5 Illusion

Racial Powers

* Summon Frost Attronach once a day.

* Ayleid Telekinesis allows them to move and pick objects from far (cost 1 point of Magicka per Second)

* +25% Resistance to Magic


Unrar SkyTEST-TheLostMer.esp & SkyTEST-TheLostMer.bsa and place them inside Data Folder which is located inside Main SKyrim folder.


First replace the main SkyTEST-TheLostMer.esp with the one included in the "Uninstall" Folder (in the compressed archive), run game and save with that esp, then Delete SkyTEST-TheLostMer.esp.


I plan to add more TES Mer races like the Snow Elves, the Maomer, the Chimer, the Aldmer and the Dwemer.

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