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An Imperial nobleman, Count Caerulius, lives in a forest away from the cities of Skyrim. He loves the color blue. He is an avid botanist but secretly uses magic to experiment on the flora he has collected. Will you help him?

Permissions and credits
The following mod is in an alpha, or pre-beta, state. The only things accessible are the locales and a small quest in one of the ruins. The main quest, the followers and main character, Power, ingredients, and books have not yet been implemented. This alpha release is for getting the word out on this mod and, hopefully, for having this critiqued by the Nexus community. I hope you enjoy my hard work so far.

A strange and eccentric Imperial nobleman, Count Caerulius Vacci, lives in Castle Gorm, deep in a forest away from the hustle-and-bustle of the cities of Skyrim. He loves the color blue. Hand-picked by the Count are his female bodyguards, each having some variety of blue to them. He is an avid botanist and herbalist but secretly uses magic to experiment on the plants and fungi he has collected. He does not want the College of Winterhold nor the Empire to learn about what he's been doing--or dissecting--in his laboratory and is in need of some rare ingredients to get his project to start growing. Will you help the Count with his latest experiment?

  • An estimated 1- to 2-hour long lore-friendly quest
  • A new estate to curl up in
  • A new Dwemer ruin to explore
  • A new Nordic ruin to explore
  • A Daedra Shrine to visit
  • 10+ characters to learn and discover more about
  • A fully-voiced Count with 100+ lines
  • Six hand-crafted female followers to choose from
  • A new transforming Power, The Scuttling Void, with its own unique mesh, texture, and abilities
  • A new one-handed sword with custom mesh, texture, and unique enchantment
  • New alchemical ingredients with custom meshes, textures, and effects
  • 60+ new books to read with some written by me with others written by Elder Scrolls developers
  • 18,000 NavMesh triangles!
  • Dragons!
  • Easter eggs!

This mod might become or be incompatible with mods that change the landscape or add things to the base of Lost Valley Redoubt (map), the swamps near the Abandoned Shack (map), and the forests around southwestern Lake Ilinalta (map). Specifically, Tamriel [-21,-6] through [-23,-7], [-9,21], and [-8,-16] through [-10,-17], respectively. Errors such as floating grass, landscapes with incorrect textures, and missing or duplicated static meshes may occur.

Compatible mods:

This mod is dependent on no other mods and will never be dependent on Bethesda expansions. But, for the best experience, I have built it with these mods in mind. You can choose to download them or not. It is all up to you. I highly recommend downloading a shader as this mod's cells center around colors and darkness.

Recently, I've started using a personalized ENB. It is available to download under Optional files. To install, first download the latest non-beta Skyrim ENB and extract only the d3d9.dll to your Skyrim folder. It is located in the WrapperVersion folder. Next, download my ENB and copy everything over to the same location. Make sure Realistic Lighting is set in the load order so that the Patcher then the Add-on follow it. Special thanks to Boris Vorontsov, sung9533, Alakan, and Matso for their work. I claim no credit for the amazing visual effects that change the way the game looks.

The mods below are ones that I have personally endorsed. You may also wish to download my books mod as this will increase the number of books (located at the bottom of the page) in the castle's library considerably.

  • The NavMesh bug. If you do not have Skyrim version or above, the infamous NavMesh bug will rear its ugly head. There is no fix for this aside from a version update or tediously reloading the game every few cell transitions.
  • This mod relies on being able to navigate while underwater. If for some strange reason you do not see underwater visuals and instead have no visibility, you may wish to try the Green Water Fix mod by AltheaR.
  • Non-standard NPC skin texture colors are used in this mod. If you do not have Skyrim version or above, texture errors may occur. There is no fix for this aside from a version update. This is a problem with Skyrim, not the Creation Kit.
  • Ambushes may not work correctly in that enemies will stand outside their hiding place.
  • It is possible for Gwaedda to become stuck in weapon racks. If this happens, simply type tcl into the console and move towards the sword to get it back. I recommend just storing it in a chest. If it somehow ceases to exist in the game world, type player.additem XX00125C 1 into the console where XX is the mod's load order or simply enter help "Gwaedda" 4 and note its number.

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