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This mod adds 3 Dragon Storm spells to Skyrim,
one of Water, one of Fire and one of Darkness.

This Version is a complete overhaul from version 1.0
if you want to update to this new version, please do a clean save first.

This version requires SKSE, if you don't have SKSE, you'll have to download it first.
If you don't know what SKSE is, then go watch Gopher's video on SKSE.

To get the Spells you have to travel to the dungeon marked on the map above.
when you're at the end, you'll find a Dragon Lord Stone where you can buy the spells.

Dependency: SKSE

P.S. also on steam

The Spells

  • [Free] Dragon Storm: Summons Water dragons that have frost attacks accompanied by a storm.

  • [Costs 10 Dragonsouls] FireStorm: Summons Fire dragons that have fire breath attacks accompanied by
  • fireballs razing from the skies.

  • [Costs 15 Dragonsouls] Darkness: Summons Small Weak Dark dragons that have fire spit attack
  • and it modifies the spawn count by x2(which means that the max spawn count for this spell is 30 Dragons!) and changes day into night.

You have to buy FireStorm first, before you can buy Darkness.

  • A Dispel Spell that lets you stop the current storm, this spell is automatically
  • added when a storm is cast and removed when the storm is over.

How the Spells Work

To initiate the spell you'll need
  • 25 Magicka or more.

  • 25 Conjuration or more.

Unlike most summon spells, this spell pack uses the amount of DragonSouls you have(it will not consume them)
it checks for how many DragonSouls you have and will spawn dragons according to how many souls you have, for a max of 15 dragons(30 with the darkness spell).

The Dragon Spawn Count is decided by how much you charge the spell.

if you charge the spell with less than 200 magicka and with no DragonSouls nothing will happen.

The Different Levels of the Spell

  • Level 1
  • Charge with 50 or less magickaMax 1 Dragon.

  • Level 2
  • Charge with 100 or less magickaMax 3 Dragons.

  • Level 3
  • Charge with 200 or less magickaStorm Effect, if you have 200 or more chargedMax 6 Dragons.

  • Level 4
  • Charge with 300 or less magickaStorm EffectMax 9 Dragons.

  • Level 5
  • Charge with 400 or less magickaStorm EffectMax 12 Dragons.

  • Level 6
  • Charge with 400 to 500 or more magickaStorm EffectMax 15 Dragons.

Magicka Influence

Magicka has even more influence on the spell.
the more magicka you charge the longer the Storm will go on.

Here's the math of it:

((The Amount of magicka you charge X 60) / 100) = Storm time in seconds

lets say we charged the spell with 100 magicka, the spell would then last 60seconds.

Min time is set to 30 Seconds and the max time is set to 5 Minutes.

Unzip the "Summon Dragon" file into your data folder.
Then Activate the mod in the Skyrim Launcher.

This mod requires SKSE in order to work.


Remove these files in your data folder:
Summon Dragon Storm.esp
Summon Dragon Storm.bsa

And you're done!

These are from version 1.0 these are outdated,
but they will give you an idea of what this mod is about

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