Darksiders 2 Reaper Form robes by AthenaX
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Added: 04/10/2012 - 08:38PM
Updated: 14/05/2013 - 06:21PM

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Last updated at 18:21, 14 May 2013 Uploaded at 20:38, 4 Oct 2012


This mod adds the Death reaper form robes/armor of Darksiders 2 into Skyrim.
This is completely standalone.
It comes in four standard part + 1 amulette :
-boots(feet)(just makes your feet invisible)
All parts can be crafted,upgraded in any forge with the good items.You can enchant them too.
All items have inventory models, even the invisible feet.
these are for male and female, however they share the same models so you'll see no differences between a male or a female when you put these on; and you're are not obliged to change gender or create a new character to use this.

Installation :
The archive should be NMM ready(thanks Daftwalker).
Otherwise, download manually and put the content of the archive in your data folder.Overwrite when asked.
Check the Esp in your manager.

Update on 14 May 2013:
An optional esp made by thunderzex, makes the armor crafting much more challenging.
You still don't need smithing perks but to be at least level 36 to get an ebony armor, or have the ebony smithing perks to make one.
Thanks thunderzex for adding this.All credits goes to him.
You still need the main file to use this.Just install in data folder and replace the esp with the optional one.

Update on 5 february 2013:
A video has been added in the video section, showing the mod in action.
Thanks to RaygenHD for making it.

Update on 8 November 2012:
New Esp that allow people using beast races to have their tail hidden.
Look in the download section for it and replace the one in your data folder with the one in the archive.

Update on 5 October 2012:
The wings provided with the mod are enchanted.My mistake.
If you don't like them like this, look in the optional section for non enchanted wings and put the esp in your data folder.

Uninstallation :
Use NMM or remove the folders
data/meshes/armor/ryushenron/Darksiders2 Death
Remove the Esp "DS2 Death Robes"

Don't try to wear the parts (hood , hands ...)separetely or you'll look weird.
Trying to wear the hood without the rest makes your character looks headless.(there is no head in the hood)
Your feet are invisible!!! This is normal, the Darksiders 2 character has no legs!
The wings can be worn alone but they will poke through your armor or cloack if you're wearing one.You can't wear them with an armor that hides amulets.

Bethesda for giving us Skyrim.
Vigil games for the wonderful Darksiders 2 game.

Please, do not upload this anywhere or modify without my prior consent.
Darksiders 2 is property of Vigil games and THQ.