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Last updated at 5:59, 28 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 18:10, 4 Oct 2012

My character's trusted companion that is always up for a battle. This mod replaces the rather bland look of Benor of Morthal who can be a follower after besting him in a fistfight:) He doesn't say much but he is a good man to have around:) All of his stats are the same as vanilla Benor as well as his armor and weapons. This is just a face edit.

For results like the pictures above you will need these mods: Younger faces merged with Men by Geonox Better Males :FavoredSoulMeshes body of your choice Cute Eyes by TkTk to avoid the tiny eye look.

The files say Benor but ingame his name will be Aureillius:)

NMM installation is recommended:)
Manual, put the Benor.ESP file in your skyrim/data file. The textures and meshes files drop into the Skyrim/Data file in textures and meshes. Hopefully you know the drill:) Open the Nexus Mod Manager to make sure the plugin is active and if you are running UFO make sure Benor plugin is after UFO in the load order.

NMM simply just delete mod.
Manual, Delete Benor.esp file from Skyrim/Data file. Delete and 000135E8.tgs in Data/textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint file/skyrim.esp file. Delete 000135e8.nif from your Skyrim/Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom/Skyrim.esp file. Win.