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A Dwemer player-house based on the lore that the Dwarves could traverse the dimensions. As scholars of the Elder Scrolls games will attest, the Dwemer reportedly even visited the Aetherial plane itself. This mod is my "what if?" and is named after the Tesseract Concept from "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle.

To gain access, go to the bridge outside Honningbrew Meadery south of Whiterun (see last image), and loot the ring from the dead mage you find there and wear it.

The house is accessed using a movable dimensional gateway, and an enchanted ring. To warp to the house, wear the ring. To warp back to where you were before wearing it, wear it again. I recommend Favoriting the ring for easy access. if you warp in using the ring and leave via the doorway, you'll exit wherever the gateway currently is located.


Recommended Update Procedure
(For v1.3 and Earlier OR If your ring/ key disappear after an update)

1. Load your latest save and remove any items from the house you want to keep. If you become overencumbered, open your console (~) and enter "tgm"
2. Leave the house, create a save, then exit the game.
3. Disable the mod through the Skyrim splash screen under Data Files, or your mod manager of choice.
4. Start up the game and load your latest save (ignore the warning of missing content).
5. When you're sure the mod IS NOT loaded, create a new save, and exit the game again.
6. Open the splash screen or mod manager, and let the mod update.
7. Re-enable the mod through Data Files or your mod manager of choice.
8. Load up the game and your latest save, find Paralus by Honningbrew Meadery and wear the Mysterious ring.
9. Choose to "skip" the dungeon, replace your items and enjoy!

Changelog Link: Tesseract Changes


1. Entrance can be placed (almost literally) anywhere in the world.
***Can't be placed in Sovngarde.

2. Can be accessed from anywhere using an enchanted ring.
***Ring will not remove equipped ring.

3. 34 custom-scripted mannequins, 60+ custom-scripted weapon & shield mounts, plenty of (non-respawning) chests.
***The weapon mounts are the pedestals next to the mannequins.

4. Replicating food storage in the cooking area.
***Yes, the kitchen storage replicates food. Yes, you can use it to get rich. Slowly. It spawns food once every 6 game hours. Have fun getting rich! I'll be out slaughtering draugr getting ridiculously rich, ridiculously faster.

5. Organized storage for crafting materials and potions with auto-sorting features which adapt to DLC and mod-added items.

6. Crafting room with a full compliment of crafting necessities.
***Enchanter, alchemist table, tanning rack, smelter, forge, whetstone, workbench, chopping block

7. Blessing font which gives +15% to all crafting for 5 minutes.

8. Full garden with alchemy, cooking and critter ingredient.
***Fish only spawn in the tank certain times of the day.

9. "Working" stable, where the player's last-ridden horse is put.

10. Unique animal pet follower (also found in stable).

11. Shooting range with spawnable shooting targets, and a self-replenishing cabinet of practice arrows.
***Practice arrows replenish whenever the house is loaded.

12. Trophy room with teleporter to an expanded vault.

13. Custom display stands for dragon priest masks AND dragon claws.
***The mask stand also mounts the wooden and gold masks.

14. Library with plenty of bookcases and books.

15. Working shower, pool and bathroom with toggle-controlled waterworks.
***Shower and lavatory grant 2 hour buffs on use.

16. Shrine pedestal with selectable shrine in master bedroom.

17. Ability to assign up to 6 follower roles: night guard, day guard, cook, two guests and a spouse.
***Bring a follower into the home, then talk to him/her. If the dialog option doesn't appear, hit F5 then F9 and try again.

18. An optional obstacle and puzzle based dungeon with different difficulty settings to obtain access to the house.
***Can be skipped by following instructions found in the spoilers.

19. Designed to be roomy and accessible, with all major areas within 15 seconds (or less) walking distance of the entrance.

20. Automated "vendor" in the library (fully compatible with perks and barter buffs).

21. Will not break new games with the missing-cell bug.

22. A secret, hidden feature (Do your reading! Keep your eyes peeled for a journal lying around.)

An Owner's Manual can be found on the desk of the master bedroom with a full listing of features and explanations.


The original concept was inspired by Kagrenac's Instant Fortress by flatline42. I loved the idea of a magical Dwemer home, but ultimately wanted more space, and it had been hard to find a house that suited my playstyle.

So, at the behest of a friend of mine, I created my own player-home tailored to my tastes. I made a list of the things I needed in a player home, and the things I had disliked in others. What you get here is the result of over 6 weeks worth of work and refinement.


My Testing Team:

Brodual for generously doing a great video review.
DarkFox127 for his video tutorials on NPC packages and followers.

And all those who gave moral support while I was beating my head against one thing or the other (usually Nifskope) in development.


Q: Is this available on Steam?
A: Yep, you can find it here: Steam Link

Q: Is Dawnguard required?
A: No, Dawnguard is not required. It will, however, work with Dawnguard.

Q: What is the minimum version of Skyrim required?
A: This mod requires a Skyrim version of at least 1.6 to work correctly.