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There is a new version of her – still quasi standalone so it wont conflict with your body mods – but this time with vanilla body.
Her max level is 100.

Renhair 09 is still needed from the great Oblivion hair pack ( you can find the link below).

In the pictures I used Matso's ENB


There are a lot of very nice and good looking replacers of her but I wanted to create mine that fits my taste. She has custom UNP body (with underwear) with her own textures so she won’t conflict with anything.

Load the esp after anything that modifies NPC's (like UFO, Better Followers, etc.).

I changed her stance so don’t expect her usual masculine movements.
She also got the Lightfeet perk just in case...

I can still see a tiny little seam on her neck but I can’t do any more about it. The intensity of it varies with every enb, so far I only tried her with vanilla (means no enb), CLENB and Jo’s Synergy and she looks fine.

I could not get an answer for the freckles on her face so she won’t have any unless you download it manually and put it into her folder. Sorry. I used Zhoken’s cute freckles. Cute freckles by Zhoken

Please, endorse if you like or comment. Feedback would mean a lot to me.
And I'd be very grateful for some nice screenshots for those who would like to upload some.

Required mods:

Fixed Oblivion Hairpack by DragonAge7
You’ll need the oblivion hair pack for this to work. The esp does not need to be active and this mod only uses renhair 09. But why wouldn’t you wanna give the others a try? :)

Also if you want her to look the same as on my pictures, you’ll need Xenius’ High Quality Eyes (I’m using the unique darkelf one).
High Quality Eyes by Xenius

ENBs I used:

Credits for version 2:

for the face textures.
Xenius for the body textures.
for the feet meshes.


I used BellaGails’ beautiful face textures but
Zzjay’s normalmaps from her Epic Elves race
Dimon99 for the body meshes and textures
and also for candymanXXL for his tattoos and his tips.
DragonAge7 for the hair.
Svarog for the fitness body map.
Also thank you for Riven1978, radioragae, Xenius and tktk1.
If I accidentally left anyone out please tell me and I’ll add you to the list.

And of course Bethesda for the game and the resources.