Arvak Dark Power Version DawnGuard 101 by BryanAnthony1
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Added: 03/10/2012 - 02:49AM
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Last updated at 8:20, 26 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 2:49, 3 Oct 2012

This mod aims to make Arvak more powerful by giving him some buffs and some new abilities.

I have two version of the esp one that makes Arvak summon spell into lesser voice power that last 10 min or just vanilla version.

Arvak: abilities and buff

1.100 points of health, healing rate of 10 and combat healing of 10 making Arvak much harder to kill in combat.

2. 1000 point of stamina and 1000 of stamina healing rate, which make it much harder for Arvak to get tired as fast.

3. 100 points of Damage resist, making Arvak harder to hurt with weapons or even you bare hands.

4. 25% magic resist making Arvak harder to hurt with magic.

5. Arvak attack does 100 more points of damage

6. Arvak has Darkaura that surronds him while in combat that does poison damage while absorbing his foe health away up to area of 100.

7. Arvak can now walk on water and has water breathing because the water walking isn't perfect, it might take a little time to get used to it but easy after word.

8. Arvak will level up with your player up to 4-81.

9. Arvak speed boosted form 100 to 150 making him a faster

10. Arvak is now using key word undead not daedra anymore so it will show up as undead with detect dead spell.

11. Arvak is now part of player horse faction so it can by pass barrier at levers tower and it might work out well with other horse mods as well.

12. Arvak is 100% resist to poison and disease.

13. Arvak will now have a Darkaura around him when you ride him and sprint at the same time.

Requirements: Dawnguard and game updated to 1.7

Install: use NMM or just drag and drop the esp file into skyrim data folder make sure it active.

Uninstall: use NMM or simple remove form skyrim data folder.

Load order: shouldn't really matter as you don't have mod that edits Arvak in anyway, but texture mods work fine like Arvak reborn.

Also if you guys have feed back on this mod I would like to hear it and if you like this please endorse or even giving a kudos is fine as well.

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