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The Artificers Mod: Rise

Description: This is my first mod. Remember when you spoke to Paarthurnax and he mentioned the end of the current world could be the beginning of a new one? Whatever the actual wording was, this mod addresses what would be in the next world. Of the two factions included in this mod, the Artificers came to Skyrim when they saw the dragonborn defeating the dragons and stopping the End Times. The problem is that the world the Artificers live in is the world that would form as a result of the End Times. Unable to stop the dragonborn from where they are, they begin to use an Elder Scroll to escape before their world vanishes. A tear occurs and some of them are flung back to Skyrim during the time of the dragonborn's quest.

Unknown to them, their enemies, known as the Apoclyptics, are also brought back to Skyrim through the tear. This faction is trying to destroy the Artificers so that they could reclaim control over their world. Tensions continue to mount between the two factions, now in a new environment with new challenges.

This mod provides the player with more locations to explore, new enemies to fight, and new allies to fight along side with. As the mod is updated, the lore will progress. The future addition of quests, weapons, and armor will allow the player to become more immersed in the mod and create a unique experience.

-Heavy Armory - New Weapons mod by PrivateEye
-Extended Vanilla Weapons mod by Lrsamways

1. Download the mod file
2. Extract the files in the archive to your skyrim data folder
3. Make sure the mod is checked off in the data files menu in the Skyrim Launcher
4. Load up a saved game (it is recommended, like with other mods, to backup any saved game)
5. Enjoy

Uninstallation (always uninstall previous versions of the mod before installing the new version):
1. Go into your Skyrim data folder
2. Locate theartificersmod.esp
3. Delete it
4. (if updating) Place the new theartificersmod.esp into your Skyrim data folder

-Alpha Patch 1-
--> Minor tweaks to the factions
--> Tweaks to NPC placement
--> Added Zaffar race (is playable. Race lore and connection to the mod will be added in the next update)

--> 2 Factions
--> 2 new locations in Skyrim
--> Olran Island (teleport near Northern Camp)
--> Artificer NPCs
--> Apoclyptic NPCs
--> 2 new books
--> A few misc. NPCs
--> Surprise NPC

Future Plans:
-Allow player the choice to join either faction (currently player is allied with Artificers)
-Add quests
-Add more custom equipment
-Add more locations
-Add a player home or 2
-Continue to tweak any bugs
-Fix NPC facegen problem (the thing that makes npc heads that gray color)

Known Issues:
I know this mod was just released, but these are the issues I've come across while testing. If you run into any other bugs or issues, message me and I'll try to address them.

[Monster Mod]: The Blue Stripes attack Artificers. So far this is only an issue near Falkreath

Ha ha, Hurricane Sandy really screwed me over. The new time I set for the release of the next version is being postponed until further notice. When I actually get power back, I will post a new deadline for the next version of the mod!