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Summoned bow re-mesh and re-texture

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This is just a simple mod which changes the mesh and texture for the summoned bow to an altered version of Auriel's Bow; there is no flame effect as with the vanilla version, but if anyone out there wants to add the effect to this mod then feel free (let me know if you do so that I can download it). This also has an optional file included which changes the arrows to an altered version of the eleven arrows, you can download this at your discretion. Version 1.1 finally released, I hope you enjoy it.

This mod is now fully compatible with non-dawnguard installations. This should be compatible with any mod that does not change the appearance of the summoned bow and arrow, but if you find a mod that it's not compatible with let me know and I'll post a list for everyone.

Installation notes
simply copy the contents of the 7-zip file skyrim main folder, the path for which should be one of the following two: c:\program files\the elder scrolls V skyrim or c:\program files\steam\the elder scrolls V skyrim.

Because v1.05 is only a partial update only altering the texture files you still need to download the mesh files in v.1 for this mod to work, once you have downloaded v1 replace the texture files with those of v1.05

extract the mesh and texture files to the corresponding folders in the skyrim main folder (the path for this should be something like: c:\program files\the elder scrolls V skyrim\data\textures or meshes (dependent on whether you're installing the mesh or texture files)\boundweapons)

Change log:
the following changes were made to the texture and the mesh of the Bound Bow to, hopefully, improve your gaming experience:
- in order to recapture some of the lost spirit of the vanilla bound bow I have added a glow map to give the bow the look of energy compressed under pieces of a bow. Although this is not the same as the flames around the bow being refracted to create as on the vanilla version, I find this a more appealing and i hope you do to.
- the moonstone areas have been made to appear more dull so that they contrast more with the glow and make it appear more powerful.

texture files changed significantly to give the bound bow, quiver and arrows a little more substance.

*for the comment section*

If you don't like and have no interest in using the bound bow spell the comment section for this mod is not a forum to voice your dislike for it, this is purely a re-mesh and re-texture which in no way alters the stats of the spell. So for those of you who can't read between the lines I couldn't possibly care any less about you opinions of the spell, take them somewhere else (perhaps to a mod which actually does alter the attributes of the spell rather than the appearance of the item.)

For those who have inquired about the armor set my character has equipped in the screenshots, they are the steel plate armor and armet from LordBaraban's Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate mod: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/22602