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Turns Erandur into the priest he should have been.

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Did you play through the Waking Nightmares quest thinking Erandur would end up being a priest? Were you disappointed when all he ends up doing is casting low level fire spells? Not really worth the trade for the staff.

Erandur Redone turns the crusty old priest of mara into an actual priest, complete with the healing and the hurting that he should have done from the start.

[size=+2]New Abilities[/size]

Erandur's Flame - A concentrated gout of fire that only burns enemies. This spell levels with the player.

Mara's Touch - A 30 second heal over time. This works on you and all nearby allies and levels with the player.

Censuring Flame - Erandur's melee attacks burn all enemies in a small area. This does not effect allies, and will not anger extra followers.

Shared Experience - Erandur shares a portion of his experience gained with the player, levelling your one-handed, destruction, restoration and block skills as he fights and casts spells.

Dreamcall - "Erandur" - Though as a priest of Mara, he may not use Vaermina's Torpor on his own, you can call him to you through the dreamstride once you have completed the quest.

He now levels to 150

[size=+2]New Perks[/size]

Bone Breaker(2)
Savage Strikes (Decapitation)
Magic Resistance(3)
Light Footed


Major - One Handed, Destruction

Minor - Sneak, Alteration, Restoration, Block


- None


- None Known (tested with 100+ active mods)

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