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Adds more settlements around skyrim. (WIP) Currently almost fully done: -Clearwood -Bluepond Please take your time to read full description.

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More settlements is planning to add around 5 more settlements to the world of skyrim. (currently 2 almost fully ready) with lore friendly way.

Settlements are listed above and their features.

SHORT LORE: Bluepond was established by Imperials, until civil war came, Stormcloaks and Imperials had great battle near bluepond which resulted in that bluepond was completely destroyed, but soon after rebuilded by nords. Now it is safeplace for some people.

- 3 rooms one for the rent, 2 used for living by settlers of bluepond.
- Merchant called Anit, which sells Food but also rents rooms for night.
- Chaz lives there, he is a guard of bluepond but haves some fun at the inn at around 2. He also swims at some point.
- Enther is hunter worker of bluepond. He hunts long once a day, works at wood chopping block, drinks, eats and then sleeps.
- v0.23 new quest.


- Iseper lives there, he is the owner of bluepond. He wakes up around 9 and goes to inn and haves fun. Also works few hours at his "plantation"
- Assidit also lives there, who is daughter of Iseper. He is a traveller and you cant see him often in blue pond - Wakes up around 8, then eats and drinks. After he makes 2 hour long trip to Riverwood and goes to inn. After 2 hours makes another 2 hour long trip to solitude, and searches the market for goods. Around 10 he comes to home and starts to sleep 2 hours after that (12)

- Doesnt do anything special right now.

- Because of a bug, i will probably make horses in future

PLAYER HOUSETIP: You can retrieve key from nearby bandit camp.

- Mannequin
- Weapon rack
- Weapon Plaque
- Chest for you stuff
- Alchemy table
- Balcony has anvil and workbench
- Just outside is woodchopping block
- There is rubble inside which can be cleared out by hitting it with weapon

Short, really short lore: Clearwood is a lumberman village which was once home for argonians - but no more. they all left. No one knows why. (Quest coming soon)

Eters House
- Eter, he works as a hunter/lumberjack, doing both jobs invidually. But he also haves fun.
- The house contains tanning rack. Nothing special.

Delpurs House
- Delpur is a blacksmith. he works about then hours at hes outside blacksmithing area, sleeps and eats etc. hes anvil and workbench are free to use. ( he was intented to be a trainer, but creation kit bugs out again...)
- Hes house doesnt have anything special.

Ineissis House
- Ineissi is a farmer who sells shes goods about 3 hours a day. He farms long on shes "plantation" he doesnt leave shes house almost any time.
- Tikon, Ineissis Husban, is a traveller who travels to Bluepond once a day. you cant see him at Clearwood often.
- House doesnt contain anything special.
- Near is Imperial Guard Camp which checks Clearwood once a day to chech everything is fine.

- EXCLUSIVE ! :P A rideable carriage free to use on Clearwood. Intented for future updates where you can travel with it from settlement to settlement.

- Clearwood contains no quests yet.

Basically all NPCS living have daily schedules.

Note: - I am sorry about my bad description and horrible english. Description may not cover every detail.
- It has a bug - Floating grass - which can be (probably) fixed. Search google for floating grass fix[google]Floating Grass Fix[/google] - REPORT ME ANY BUGS.

CREDITS: Tamira and Stroti for Playerhouse model.


Initial release


added new settlement - Clearwood a lumberman settlement with npc full daily routines
added rideable carriage - intented for future updates where you can travel to other settlements with it
Minor bugfixes for bluepond such as: fixed some navmesh and other minor bugfixes
things that i added for bluepond: dragons can now \"perch\" to houses - new house + Aldtur who is hireling. other minor changes and adds