Better Rueful Axe Volendrung and others by Didier47
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Added: 02/10/2012 - 01:16PM
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Last updated at 13:20, 2 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 13:16, 2 Oct 2012

INSTALL: Use NMM or extract and drop the .esp file in your Skyrim/Data directory.


Modified Enchantment:
- Health Damage +20
- Stamina Damage +20
- Soul Trap 5 sec.
- Knockback Effect: throw your enemies away! Let them learn how to fly!

Modified Stats:
- speeds up to 0.7. (comparison: 1.0 = classic 1H sword)
- base damage of 27 like a classic daedric warhammer.

Nothing overpowered here. The knockback effect is taken from a werewolf ability and will not apply to any enemy: about 10-15% chance only + must be human-sized (max size: bear).

UPDATE I noticed that the description of the Volendrung enchantment on the menu doesn't display the Health dmg and the Knockback effect. They're there nonetheless. It's just that I took them from "creatures" (ghost & werewolf) but they were not supposed to be on weapons. BETHESDA never wrote a description for them but they work.

EDIT just figured out how to edit spell effects, so I've changed the whole Volendrung enchantment to fix all issues + went from knockback to stagger + customized Health dmg + added cool FX. Tell me by PM or comments if you want me to upload that optional update.


Modified Enchantment:
- Health Drain +20
- Soul Trap 5 sec.

Modified Stats:
- speeds up to 0.8 (quite fast for a 2H weapon)
- base damage of 25 just like an ebony battleaxe... because It is an ebony battleaxe after all!

I suggest that you use this Rueful Axe Retexture mod. The bloody design totally fits the new "vampiric" enchantment and It's in real HD. See my pic. Don't pick the "no magic effect" option or it will overwrite the new enchantment.


- Fixed the sound bugs. The vanilla one used the one handed sheath/unsheath/block sound! How weird.
- Enhanced the damage stats, now same as a glass warhammer, instead of the vanilla orcish stats. A tiny difference just because this weapon is unique and is supposed to be better.

NOTES - Why those changes?

Volendrung is supposed to be a great daedric warhammer... but in fact It has lower stats than a vanilla daedric warhammer! NO WAY! Also, the vanilla enchantment consumes a hell lot of mana for a very limited effect. Who needs a +50 stamina drain? People who hate stamina potions that much? And this huge warhammer has no blunt effect? Really?

Same with the Rueful axe: the vanilla one is extremely slow even if it looks lighter than a steel battleaxe (I checked the models) and the enchantment is the same useless one. God Killer, really?

I considered all that as unfixed bugs. Now the axe fits its name and the vampiric health drain is IMO a much better match for that vicious weapon.

That being said, tell me on the comments if I forgot something, if you want other fixes included, if you find them unbalanced (I don't). Last: I know there are other mods like that but this one has a lot more fixes in it. Of course It's not compatible with other mods who already modify these vanilla unique weapons.

Main version in English.

French Version included as Optional - Version francophone en option.