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-Latest Patch

The Plugin
Synnova Stronghold is a sanctuary by the path into Kagrenzel deep inside the eastern mountain range. It features a small community within an old fortress inside a cave. This is a place where all is welcomed equally. Synnova Manor (Player Home) is placed behind the fortress. The manor features an atmosphere in my opinion for evil or good characters. Containing a luxurious living space, dining room with a battle scene, hearty kitchen, hidden shine room, full crafting area, and special hidden vampire lair with a sorry soul to feed on. With a complete armory capable of holding numerous armor sets and including banners to organize faction armors / city guard armors to accommodate anyone wanting to show off their collection. In the enchanting area the player can gain a spell to teleport back to the stronghold from anywhere.

-Added Guards
-Increased Ambient Light of Main Cave
-Some Minor Fixes

-Fixed NPC Pathing problems in Synnova Manor, Armory, and Thosian's Smithy
-The Boiled Alchemist is now open for business!
-Added npc to operate forge outside Thosian's Smithy
-Optimized Manor to run more smoothly

1.0 - Release
-Player Home Completed
-Thosian's Smithy Completed
-Other NPC areas WIP
-Completely Navmeshed

Synnova Stronghold is mostly self contained so it should be compatible with almost every mod.

Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended):

Manual Install:
-Extract archive and place 'Synnova Stronghold.esp' + Folders into 'Data' Folder in Skyrim Directory.

Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended):

Manual Uninstall:
Delete the following files:
(Inside the 'data' folder)
Synnova Stronghold.esp
-meshes\actors\character\facegendata\FaceGeom\Synnova Stronghold.esp

Future Plans
-Finish The Hero's Rest
-Finish Guard Barracks
-Finish Crepuscular Depths
-Add storyline to gain access to areas
-Add more dialog to existing NPCs
-Add companion animal w/storyline

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