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20 Jun 2015 

I appologize to all who have had issues with my mod recently. I have not been able to work on or update it for some time (well over a year I think). I am currently in the military so it has not left me much time to work on this. Fortunately I will likely have time to work on this in the coming months. I appreciate all the support I've gotten for this mod and can't wait to get back to it! 


Update 3 Oct 2012: Another minor update but the mod's changed enough to warrant a new version number! Change list bellow.
-Added (the MUCH requested) weapon racks for staffs next to fireplace
-Added 2 mannequins near fireplace

Simply put, I couldn't find a house mod that satisfied me, I'm a simple man that likes to organize and display his spoils of war. There's no quest to obtain the house, it is unlocked. The architecture for your home is largely dwemer with nordic and nobel furnishings. It has ample storage and a plethora of mannequins.

Steam Workshop:

-Forge/Smelter/Blacksmithing accouterments
-Storage for various ingots and ore
-Alchemy station
-Enchanting station
-Dragon priest mask display
-Merchant with 9000 gold that will buy anything
-Somewhere around 30 mannequins (haven't counted exactly)
-About 50 or so glass display cases
-Book cases
-Wall displays
-Miscellaneous storage chests
-Sleeping quarters
-Fast travel marker
-Companion Friendly
-Hidden room with shrine of nocturnal

Location: Due west of Riverwood along the river (reference the pictures)

-This is an update from my first mod for skyrim, I’ve fixed a lot of bugs but I still doubt it’s perfect. Please leave me any kind of bug fixes in the comments below.

Known Bugs:
-Mannequins like to wander and strike poses. They don’t move but a few feet and have always returned to their original location upon exiting the home and reentering. Any suggestions on this would be GREATLY appreciated, as comical as this is I can’t get them to stop.
-Dawngaurd weapons won’t mount to display racks or cases (armor works just fine on mannequins).