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Fixes numerous bugs in Skyrim as well as issues found while using the Creation Kit. If anything listed here are in any other mods you've seen, it is (almost) purely coincidental.

Note: This is a work in progress and will likely be updated.

Version 1.01

Provided a different implementation of enabling dual-wielding followers. Compared to the existing method, this prevents 682 unnecessary NPCs from having dual-wielding capabilities.

Version 1.0

The dragon priest mask, Morokei, now has the correct enchantment: It also now reduces the cooldown of dragon shouts by 20%.*
The Articulation armor enchantment now levels properly.
The Shield of Solitude now levels properly at Level 32.*
The world model for Ulfric's Bracers now has the correct texture.
Fixed first person model for male variant of Wedding Dress.
A set of Archmage's Robes without the hood (which was initially disabled) is now available in the Archmage's Quarters on the table in front of the bed. The robes lack the +50 Magicka bonus. The hooded variant has been renamed to Hooded Archmage Robes to differentiate the two variants.
Fixed the Khajiit variants of Hooded Thalmor Robes, Psiijic Hood, Hooded Monk Robes, and Blue Mage Robes (by extension also includes Hooded Blue Robes and both variants of Hooded Mage Robes, not available without console commands).
Fixed the Orc variants of Glass Helmet, Apprentice Hood, and Novice Hood.
Fixed the Argonian and Khajiit variants of Ancient Shrouded Cowl.*
Fixed the world models for Shrouded Cowl and Shrouded Cowl Maskless.*
The sleeveless Shrouded Armor variant that Arnbjorn wears is now playable. The weight has been modified from 32 to 7 and changed to Light Armor instead of Heavy Armor to be consistent with its other properties. You can also now improve this armor at a workbench.
All covered variants of Shrouded Cowl now correctly display the face cover when males wear them.*
Brown Robes, Green Robes, Grey Robes, and Red Robes (unused variants of the Monk Robes) are now available at the Radiant Raiment store in Solitude.
Deleted the unnecessary RingAA ArmorAddon from the Amulet of Zenithar. This fixes the issue with disappearing rings while wearing the amulet.*
Glass Gauntlets no longer occupy the Ring slot in the Armor Addon section, making equipped rings visible.
Dragonplate/Dwarven/Orcish Gauntlets now occupy the Ring slot in the Armor Addon section, visibly removing any equipped rings and preventing any clipping issues.
Falmer Armor and Wolf Gauntlets* no longer occupy the Amulet slot in the Armor Addon section, making equipped amulets visible.
The following armor/clothing now properly occupy the Amulet slot in the Armor Addon section, visibly removing any equipped amulets and preventing any clipping issues: Archmage Robes, Blades Armor, Cicero's Clothes, Daedric Armor, Ebony Mail, Elven Armor, Elven Guilded Armor, Elven Light Armor, Fine Clothes (all variants), Fur Armor (two variants), Guild Master's Armor, Imperial Armor, Imperial Light Armor, Jester's Clothes, Leather Armor, Linwe's Armor, Nightingale Armor, Penitus Oculatus Armor, Shrouded Armor (all variants), Stormcloak Cuirass (and all city guard variants), Studded Imperial Armor, Thieves Guild Armor, and Wedding Dress.
Elven Gilded Armor and Imperial Helmet (the one without the face cover) now benefit from their appropriate Matching Set perks.*
Masque of Clavicus Vile can now be improved at a workbench with an ebony ingot and benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.*
Ebony Mail and Savior's Hide now benefit from the Daedric Smithing perk.

When you have already learned the Absorb Stamina enchantment, Drainheart Sword and Drainspell Bow no longer create a duplicate Absorb Stamina enchantment when disenchanted at an Arcane Enchanter.
The Staff of Thunderbolts now has the correct enchantment and does 60 points of damage instead of 25.
Orcish War Axe of Draining and Orcish War Axe of Diminishing are now Orchish instead of Iron, as intended.
Dragonbane now levels properly.
Nord Hero Bow can now be improved at a grindstone with a steel ingot.*
Weapon racks now handles dual-wielded weapons a bit better (though if you only have a weapon equipped in your left hand, the game still doesn't detect a weapon there).

The weapon issued to you upon completing the Thane quest for Jarl Igmund is now properly titled "Axe of the Reach" instead of "Blade of the Reach".
Ahtar (the Headsman in Solitude) can now be properly recruited after completing the Lights Out! quest.

Horkers now have their intended abilities of 50% Resist Frost and Waterbreathing.
The Storm Thrall spell now correctly summons a Storm Thrall instead of a Potent Storm Atronach.

It is now impossible to fast travel from Pelagius' mind during The Mind of Madness quest.

Fixed an error with part of the ground sticking up behind Broken Tower Redoubt.
Fixed the flickering wall behind one of the mannequins in Proudspire Manor.*
Flipped chest in front of bed in Proudspire Manor to face the correct way.*
Fixed texture sets for mouths not being assigned to Argonians and default humanoids.
Added unused scars to the fourth and sixth scar options when creating a female humanoid character (these are equivalent to the fourth and sixth options when creating a male humanoid character).
The first skin tone for female Dark Elves has correctly been marked as Playable.
Added an additional load screen for the Tower Stone (utilizes an unused Tower Stone load screen model).
Assigned the following people to their intended coffins when they die: Angrenor Once-Honored (Windhelm)*, Brenuin (Whiterun), Commander Caius (Whiterun), Deeja (Solitude), Endon (Markarth), Gulum-Ei (Solitude), Jaree-Ra (Solitude), Niranye (Windhelm), Revyn Sadri (Windhelm), Viligant Tyranus (Markarth), Weylin (Markarth)*.

* = Already included in Unofficial Skyrim Patch as of v1.2.1.