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Adds various unique weapons and armor pieces from The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion into Skyrim. Such as the Escutcheon of Chorrol, The Redwave, Blackwater Blade, Draconian Madstone And many more.

Permissions and credits
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Requires Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire Official DLC.

Three of the Items are located outside of the invisible bounds of Skyrim and will require you to turn the walls off. If you do not know how to do this see this file : No Region Borders by braveheart101      (This Is No Longer Necessary As Of V6)

Special Edition Now Available Here

See Change Log For Patch Notes/Updates.

WARNING: The Blackwood Ring does 150 damage per second you have it on. It can kill you.

Locations of all the items added:

There's a journal in coc Qasmoke that has all the locations in it. If you want to add it via console though you can do it like so:

help "000QasmokeCheatJournal" 4 
then type in the form ID like this:
player.additem XX036BB5 1
The XX being the place it is in your load order I.e. 05036bb5

Or if you would rather just go to my testing cell: coc 000OblivionArtTest

Escutcheon of Chorrol - Absorb Magic, Fortify Carry Weight
Redwave - Absorb Health
Witsplinter - Damage Magicka And Absorbs It
Frostwyrm - Turns Foes Into Ice for A Short Time, And Deals Ice Damage
Amelion Armor - Ice Resistance
Amelion Sword - Ice Damage and Undead Damage
Eye of Sithis - For A Time When You Equip It You Can Detect Life
Ring of the Gray - Resist Poison 50%, Regenerate Stamina 20% Faster, Fortify Bow 25%, Fortify Lockpick 30%, Fortify Sneak 25% and Muffle, As well as Detect Life.
Blackwood Ring of Silence - Fire Damage to you and those around you for 150 points a second.
Jewel of Rumare - Waterbreathing
Circlet of Omnipitance - Fortify Stamina 50 Points and regenerates 30% faster, Fortify Carry Weight, Fortify One Handed and Destruction.
And much more, see images.

Adds the shield called the Escutcheon of Chorrol and the cutlass named Redwave to Skyrim, as well as two new skill books that are fully textured ( except inventory art) to explain how they got to to Skyrim. This started as a branch of a book mod I am working on to add new Spell tomes and Books, but I decided to release it separately. The Redwave can be found in the Ship named Redwave at the Solitude docks. As for the shield, It can be found at Peak's Shade Tower, South East of Falkreath. I did not create these models, just textures, and all credits go to the original modders.

Hints and Helpful Tips -

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Legacy of the Dragonborn

Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch Central - There's a patch for my mod on here.

Credits are as follows:

Steel Heater Shield -

Cutlass -

Gizmodian for the Dagger model used as the Dagger of Discipline -

lKocMoHaBTl for the eternal armor and greatsword + mace models and textures -

InsanitySorrow for the meshes and textures used as the Akaviri Sunderblade -

InsanitySorrow for the meshes and textures used as the Honorblade of Chorrol -

InsanitySorrow for the meshes and textures used for Shadowhunt -

ghosu for the meshes and textures used for Sufferthorn and Redwave -

ghosu for the meshes and textures used for Rings of Socerer and Vipereye -

PROMETHEUS_ts for the Khajiit Skeleton Meshes -

Enderverse for the plain normals and mask textures for Steel Heater Shield -

noraimironhand for allowing me to use the sword mesh from -

markusliberty for his Cyrodiil Ship and Boat Resource -

The_Funktasm for the Morrowind Style Clutter (The potions in the Southern Squall) -

Let me know if there are any problems.