Harder Trading with Sell Cap by svartberg
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Added: 30/09/2012 - 03:43AM
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Last updated at 3:44, 30 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 3:43, 30 Sep 2012

Noticed gold loses significance the more you progress into the game, how they roll in thousands even early on ?
Never understood how loot always pays more than the quest it's associated with ?
Then you've come to the right place.

This mod attempts to fix the inflation by capping sales to a given lower amount.
This decreases loot value and hoarding, you will find yourself selling every unused item in your inventory.
It also increases significance of quests/jobs, since before loot was the primary income.
Finally it is more immersive, since skyrim in the middle of a civil war, therefore prices should reflect hard economy with heavy taxes.

Recommended to Install using nexus mod manager.
This mod is obviously not compatible with mods that change sell fBarterSellmax (sell cap)

Help me decide which ratio to use !
[4x] - mostly fine with vanilla values, but just want to reduce the prices a bit and cap them.
(recommended for more casual players)
[6x] - want to halve the sell rates from vanilla, and want money to be truly challenging but not frustrating, most players will choose this value.
(works well with 2-3x slower leveling mods)
[10x] - full-on hardcore player, want to devalue loot & crafting and play skyrim more like a simulator.
(works well with 4-5x slower leveling mods.)

How is this different from mods that alter bartering ratios ?
The problem with just changing barter ratios, is that it effects buy/sell together.
Essentially this just makes inflation worse, and also breaks the rest of the game. (e.g. quest rewards, legitimate treasure)
Therefore only way to truly fix this is to cap sell at a lower value.

Doesn't this break speech ?
No, speechcraft perks still effect buy/sell prices, in fact it only makes those perks more significant.

Other recommendations for balanced economy
Increased Bounty/Guild Rewards - increases job rewards based on level/difficulty & optionally reduce fedex quest rewards.
Expensive Transports - I use this with the option to multiply services by 10x.
Expanded Apothecary Inventory - increased amount of potions/ingrediants without touching rare ones, this is great money sink.