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  1. FireOogle
    • premium
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    For extracting i would recommend https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/974/ - works on BSA and BA2

    For later games creating a BSA, i just use the version shipped with the games.

    Skyrim - Archive.exe in root folder,
    Skyrim SE - Tools/Archive Archive.exe
    Fallout 4 - Tools/Archive2 Archive2.exe

  2. Satyrdreper666
    • supporter
    • 30 posts
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    I want to use this to extract texture files from the .bsa-archives of WSCO, as I want to attempt to fix the neck seam with TexBlend, and TexBlend seem to require lose files. I have never done anything like this before, but it makes sense to me that this should work. I don't know when I'll bother trying this, as I have bigger issues in my load order than the neck seam.
    I will however update this comment to say if I were successful or not, and maybe this can be of use to someone. In the mean time, I would appreciate any input from anyone with more experience with this than me. Maybe I'm overlooking something.
  3. DDhero123
    • supporter
    • 12 posts
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    When I go to repack into a .BSA into the file, it tells me File has unsupported version
  4. ThadiusFaran
    • member
    • 223 posts
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    I'm having some trouble, the documentation URL is dead and the BSA I compile is somehow 7kb even without compression when normal ones are 100,000kb

    The models aren't appearing in game either so something is definitely wrong.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Leadpipejustice
    • member
    • 367 posts
    • 11 kudos
    how do you pack a bsa with it? I was able to unpack

    derp nvm, you save the file as a bsa
  6. Emisaruliubirii
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    From my try, Beta 2.0.0 variant, from bsa from Morrowind, DDS files, doesn't work after extraction.
    1. Morthrug
      • member
      • 281 posts
      • 5 kudos
      Same here. Extracted textures are unusable ("incorrect header" in IrfanView).
  7. Inforgreen
    • member
    • 659 posts
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    I want to extract to a location where it doesn't immediately override.
    How do i do this?
  8. SerchBoogie
    • member
    • 148 posts
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    Hi. This little program is pissing me off. I just want to extract a single file but when I hit convert, which makes no sence, I'm not converting anything, it is supposed to say extract, but anyway. When I hit convert the program starts extracting EVERYTHING. I just want one file. What should I do?.
    1. Emisaruliubirii
      • member
      • 5 posts
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      Exist a cassette "Shou recursive" who must ticked, after that, all files is showing .....
      If you did not solved yet.
  9. Deleytje
    • member
    • 72 posts
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    is there a windows 10 version ?
  10. ItsTheRougarou
    • premium
    • 9 posts
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    Much more easier to use than DDSopt for extracting BSa's (I keep DDSopt for the purpose of optimizing textures). Thanks for that !