Dragonscale Ivory Armor High-Res by Damanique
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Added: 29/09/2012 - 08:51PM
Updated: 13/10/2012 - 03:27PM

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New in version 2.0
The newest version of the Dragonscale Ivory Armor is stand-alone and can be crafted and tempered using dragon scales, leather and corundum ingots.

It also includes a recolored and craftable Crown Helmet. I used the meshes for my own mod, so if you like the crown, please download and endorse Crown Helmets! Thank you.

Version history
v 1.5a -- Small improvements to colors and edges.
v 1.5 -- Now using high-res textures from the High-Res DLC pack!
v 1.0 -- First version using low-res textures.

I wanted a warmer, less grayish look to the Dragonscale armor, and found the bones in the vanilla version to look rather dull and gray. This recolor lightens up the bones to an ivory / off-white color and gives a copper hue to the metals.

Check out the Dragonbone Bow Ivory, which complements this retexture perfectly!

The older files are a retexture and will conflict with other Dragonscale rextexture mods.

The female version screenshots feature the Crown Helmets mod.