Breezerun Farm by Draemonx
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Added: 29/09/2012 - 03:58PM
Updated: 30/09/2012 - 04:04AM

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Last updated at 4:04, 30 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 15:58, 29 Sep 2012

Basically adds a player farm (early stages) to skyrim, whiterun to be exact. Makes use of a farm plot opposite the stables and serves as a roleplay home with the keen sense that you wish to live close to whiterun but not in the city itself. This home may also be for the player starting out as quite a few quests end up landing you in the centre of skyrim quite a few times during play ((if that excuse is not enough to move in.... well take a look inside :) )).

This mod adds
-Most crafting stations... quite sure all I left out was a wood cutting block
-A detailed kitchen
-A detailed hidden library
-A hidden vault
-Labled storage
-Labled bedroom storage


- Added potion storage to library
- Added Book storage to library

- Added two new rooms to the house
-Kitchen to the left when entering(no longer in the entry point of the home)
-Companion bedroom
- Changed the storage room around a bit. Added a weapon rack and 2 mannequins
- Farm got a facelift! Now has animals and more crops to the field.
- A back door to the farm to add the feeling like this farm belongs

I have finished my other house mod.... And its awesome :) I shall continue this mod (not much to do I suppose other than add in eye candy and make use of that space where the forge probably should be...