Increased Bounty and Guild Rewards by svartberg
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Added: 29/09/2012 - 10:00AM
Updated: 23/03/2013 - 04:40AM

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Last updated at 4:40, 23 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 10:00, 29 Sep 2012

Ever wondered why doing a fedex delivery that takes 2min can reward 700 gold, while a dragon bounty gives only 100 gold ?
Perhaps the dragonborn's true destiny was becoming a courier ?
Or perhaps what you really needed was this mod.

Changed bounties & guild rewards to be leveled (since their difficulty increases as well)
They were calculated to fit the original leveled rewards and economy, but you can use lower/higher versions if you like.
All rewards are capped at highest possible monster level, default level 40.
Bounties : changed from fixed 100gold, to 30-75x level depending on difficulty.
Bounties - Skald's fix : fixes bug with skald's bounties not completing.
Companions : changed from 100-300 gold, to 30x level for most quests, 15x for the few easy ones, and a bit 40x for the harder ones.
Thieves Guild : changed from 100-300gold, to 20-30x level depending on difficulty.
Mage's Guild : unchanged - rewards seem fine and listed in image. let me know if you think otherwise.
Dark Brotherhood : unchanged - already uses quest rewards which are tested fine.

Recommended to Install using nexus mod manager.
This mod is not compatible with mods that change the bounty/job quests.
• [Low] version scales rewards to about 2/5, e.g. bandit bounty at level 10 will give 180 gold.
• [Medium] version, e.g. bandit bounty at level 15 will give 450 gold.
• [High] version scales rewards to twice, e.g. bandit bounty at level 15 will give 900 gold.
• [Capless] optional addon to remove all reward caps for medium version.
• [Reduced Fedex] optional addon that only reduces leveled list for favor fetch quests, to less than 100 gold as they should be. does not touch legit quests such as golden claw, etc. Also has fixes for several legit jobs that used favor quests.

Help this mod grow !
Want this mod to also cover other mercenary jobs (including non-repeatable / non-guilds) ?
Help out by pm/commenting with some more info about jobs you think need added/changed.
Ultimately rewards should be balanced against the companions/bounties, and also the difficulty of the job.
I've used bandits quest as benchmark (reward = 30 * level), as most jobs are similar.

Other recommendations for balanced economy
Harder Barter - fix inflation by capping sale to lower value.
Expensive Transports - I use this with the option to multiply services by 10x.
Expanded Apothecary Inventory - increased amount of potions/ingrediants without touching rare ones, this is great money sink.
Reduced Gold Rewards for Quest - Reduces all favor/quest rewards, fully compatible with this mod.