High Definition Leather Undergarments - UNP UNPB by crispiniscool
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Added: 29/09/2012 - 03:55AM
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=== High Definition Leather Undergarments ===

Requires at least: Skyrim, UNP/UNPB
Version: 0.2b

I disliked the texture that Dimon99 had included so I started over from scratch and redid it. Thank you for downloading one of my custom undergarment textures. I have created high definition (2048x2048) textures for UNP and UNPB undergarments.

== Description ==

This is a super high quality leather bikini texture for UNP undergarments. This will change the stock "lacey" undergarments into a leather bikini style undergarments. Enjoy.

== Installation ==

Place the texture folder into your Skyrim/Data folder and merge/overwrite if necessary.

== Changelog ==

Second rendition
brown leather
black leather
tan leather

Initial beta version
brown leather

== Credit ==
Dimon99 for creating the wonderful UNP body modification
Anyone else that made this possible (Blender, GIMP, Nifscope, Skyrim, Nexus, LL, ETC ETC ETC)