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Melt Down Everything

This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and SkyUI 3.0 or higher! (download here and here)

Recent News
If you have the problem with the blank MCM, please use the hotfix provided in the optional downloads and keep in mind that a clean save is required for the hotfix to become functional.

A small note to all those who used a MDE hotfix (e.g. loose scripts overwriting bsa-contents) in the past: When upgrading to a newer version, make sure all traces of the hotfix are gone. Otherwise the loose script will persist and overwrite the newer scripts in the bsa! This happens for example, if you use the merge option in NMM after downloading a hotfix. For the v1.2.1 beta-hotfix this can easily be checked by testing the functionality of the "Produce Ingots instead of Ores" option. If it doesn't work, you have the old script active.
To fix this, uninstall your MDE version, make a clean save, delete MDE completely in NMM, load the latest version from the Nexus and install it. Then, everything should be fine again.

Short Description
If you are bored by long texts, watch this video by Brodual instead. Just make sure, that you know that MDE supports equipment mods without need for compability patches, although the video states otherwise.

This mod gives you the ability to melt down every piece of metallic ammo, armor and weapons, even if they are from mods. To achieve this, a new operational mode is added to the smelters across skyrim. When this mode is activated, the player's inventory is checked for suitable items and a list of dynamic crafting recipes for their meltdown is generated. Each meltdown requires some coal, its type depends on the material and the amount is determined by the item type.
This mod features various options for customization, which can be accessed through the Mod Configuration Menu provided by SkyUI 3. A leather (and other non-metallic stuff) breakdown mechanism and a customisable smelting overhaul are provided as ingame toggleable plugins.

Playing the Mod

After installing the mod, a pop-up message will be displayed each time you activate a smelter (or anything that has the same functionality). You then have to choose if you want to prepare for melting down items or just use the normal smelter. If you choose "Prepare Item Meltdown", your inventory is checked for suitable items by the following criteria (if you dislike any of them, see customization below, they're all changeable):
  • enchanted items are not meltable (you don't want your smelter to turn into a volcano, do you?)
  • items you have currently equipped are not meltable
  • you must have the smithing perk related to the item's material
  • Bows with a wooden appearance in vanilla Skyrim are not meltable (Iron, Steel, Imperial)

Once the player inventory has been checked, you'll get a notification that the furnace (your smelter in its new operation mode) is ready to use. Activate the smelter again and choose "Begin Item Meltdown" to bring up an alternative smelter menu. Here you'll find a list of crafting recipes which turn your equipment and some coal into a number of ores. How many pieces of coal you need and how many ores you'll get depends on the item type, as listed below (these can be changed as well, see customization below):
  • 1 coal/ore: dagger, 30 arrows/bolts
  • 2 coals/ores: boots, gauntlets, helmet, bow
  • 3 coals/ores: sword, waraxe, mace
  • 4 coals/ores: shield
  • 5 coals/ores: greatsword, battleaxe, warhammer
  • 6 coals/ores: cuirass

Which type of coal you need, depends on the item's material. The available coals are charcoal, dwemer coal, fire coal and void coal. Charcoal can be made from firewood at the smelter, all other coals have to be crafted at the calcinator, a new crafting station you have to smith yourself at any forge. To use it, just drop and activate it. To pick it up again, activate it while sneaking. The outcome of advanced coal crafting includes a random component and is governed by your alchemy skill and perks (consult the readme for more details). The basic recipes are:
  • 1 Firewood ---> 6 Charcoal
  • 1 Dwemer Oil + X Charcoal ---> X Dwemer Coal
  • 1 Fire Salt + X Charcoal ---> X Fire Coal
  • 1 Void Salt + X Charcoal ---> X Void Coal

In addition to those, also synthesis recipes exist for the truly skilled alchemists.
After you have produced the coal, you can finally melt down your items. The coal types can be used for the following materials:
  • Charcoal: (Banded) Iron, Steel (Plate), Silver, Imperial
  • Dwemer Coal: Dwemer, (Gilded) Elven
  • Fire Coal: Orcish, Glass
  • Void Coal: Ebony, Daedric

Once you are done with your crafting session, remember to activate the smelter once again and choose "Finish Item Meltdown" to tell the script that you're done. There will be no harm, if you forget it (a clean-up on cell change is included), but you might miss an upgrade at first, because the upgrade function only works while the furnace is inactive.

For details about the functionality of the optional plugins, please consult the Readme (last button of the navigation bar).


For an upgrade from a version prior to 1.4e I advise you to make a clean save.
If you upgrade from a version with a hotfix, make sure all loose scripts from MDE are no longer present.

Download the latest version from the website either manually or with the Nexus Mod Manager. Installation with NMM is straightforward and requires no further choices, all options can be adjusted at any time ingame. If you install it manually, just copy the files into the data folder of your Skyrim installation. To enable the mod ingame, go to main menu, choose "Mod Configuration" and click on "MDE" in the appearing menu to finalize the installation. (Before you do this, nothing will change ingame.)
If you upgrade from a previous version, visit the Mod Configuration Menu and choose whether to keep your personal settings or load the latest default values.
Uninstallation also requires no special actions, disabling the mod should be fine.


Many aspects of this mod are configurable in the Mod Configuration Menu provided by SkyUI's 3.0 release. This opens a menu, which allows you to enable additional features, disable default restrictions and to change the amount of required coal/gained ingots for any item type individually. Furthermore, you can even change the type of ore/ingot any material will yield.
The following global settings are available:
  • Disable Smithing Perk Restrictions: allows you to melt down any valid item, regardless of the material's perk restriction
  • Disable Bow Restrictions: ignore restrictions on iron/imperial/steel bows
  • Allow Enchanted Items: allows you to melt down enchanted equipment (at the same costs/results as their common counterparts)
  • Allow Equipped Items: allows you to melt down items you have currently equipped
  • Produce Ingots instead of Ores: all results will be the corresponding ingots instead of ores
  • Charcoal Yield: Determine the conversion ratio for Firewood --> Charcoal

Furthermore, there are currently two optional plugins available:
  • Leather Breakdown: Gives you the ability to breakdown leather and other non-metallic stuff, extra options can be adjusted in the "Leather Breakdown" Tab
  • Smelting Overhaul: Adjust the smelting process to your personal likings and gain the ability to melt down clutter into ingots

Any option can be reset to its default value by using the "default" option provided by SkyUI.


Dawnguard Items are supported implicitly by this mod. This means feasible items can be molten/broken down without an extra esp, but no dependency on the Dawnguard.esm is established.
This mod should be fully compatible with any other mod, because it does not alter any vanilla forms and relies only on keywords to identify smelters and equipment. Therefore, equipment from any other mod can be used with this one. If not it means that the keywords are set wrong (or not at all), which means that many vanilla perks won't work with them as well.
Unfortunately, the clutter meltdown does currently not support mod-added items, because Bethesda didn't give them distinctive keywords in the first place. However, I have plans for a future expansion, which will add support for mod-added clutter.

Permissions & Credits

If you want to include this mod in your own work, please ask me first.

I would like to thank Bethesda for their fantastic games, the teams from SKSE and SkyUI for their incredible work and the nexus community for all the mods, that made me enjoy Oblivion and Skyrim even more.