The Secrets of Ragnvald Book Fix by squid937
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-- Description --
I've looked through the Nexus for a while and, to my surprise, I haven't found any mod that adds the book "The Secrets of Ragnvald" to the game. You see, the book was already there in the game files, but it had not been placed anywhere in the game world. The dragon priests don't have very much in game lore about them; the only time Otar, for example, is mentioned in-game is in this book. From a lore perspective, I thought this was a real shame. I added the book to Ragnvald itself so that there would be a little bit more of a plot for Ragnvald.

New with Version 0.2, you can find the book in either Ragnvald, Farengar's book collection, or both, depending on which version you wish to use.

-- Version History --
Version 0.1: Original mod. Book placed in Ragnvald next to Otar's sarcophagus.
Version 0.2: Two new versions.
-Version 0.2a: Book placed in Farengar's book collection.
-Version 0.2b: Combines 0.1 with 0.2a, placing book in both Ragnvald and Farengar's collection.

-- Requirements --

-- Installation --
Download the file of your choice and extract "Data" into your Skyrim directory. Enable your chosen version (either RagnvaldBook.esp, RagnvaldBookFarengar.esp, or RagnvaldBookFarengar+Ragnvald.esp) like you would any other mod, with either the launcher or a mod manager.

-- Requests --
If anyone has any more ideas about where to place the book, let me know and I might try to make another version.