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Stalactites to make your rock caves look more interesting!

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Stalactites to make your rock caves look more interesting!

There are 42 new meshes, and these are retextures of the vanilla icicles so they can be used in rocky caves. The meshes with a "cw" in the end of the name use cave wall textures, the ones without it use cave rock textures and have a more crystalline surface (some real world stalactites have a crystalline look because of calcite crystals).I have not included the textures and cubemaps, since these meshes use vanilla stuff and the game should recognize them automatically.

What´s new in version 2.0

-Included the stalactites´ bases meshes.

-Included another kind of cave formation: travertines.

-Included a new kind of stalactite: sulphur ones (14 meshes with a "s" at its end). Now it is possible to create an unique kind of cave.

This is a modders resource and they are not in-game yet, I have included an .esp file for evaluation purposes. If you want to check how they look, extract and activate stalactiteTEST.esp to your game "Data" folder, with the new meshes of course. Launch Skyrim, then use the console and type "coc AAteststalactite" to go to a cave with the crystalline stalactites, "coc AAteststalactiteCW" for a cave with the rocky ones and "coc AAteststalactiteS" for a sulphur cave.

You may use and redistribute this in legal terms as you wish, just give me the credits!