Foxtreat Manor by wgstein
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1. introduction

A safe, peaceful and quiet manor located in another world. Intended to be a rehabilitation center for bloodthirst dovahkiins. With neat and flat garden, also featuring tea house and bathing facility.
* Requires SKSE for full function

2. motivation

I'm little bit tired of seeing Skyrim's dynamic terrain and harsh wilderness(and also, needless to say, beasts and beasty humanoid which always targets player persistently at first).
I need a flat and quiet view, I need a fleeting normal life. So I created this.

3. installation

Copy Neworld.esm and Neworld.bsa into your Skyrim Data folder.

4. uninstallation

Remove Neworld.esm and Neworld.bsa from your Skyrim Data folder.

5. How to Go

See images in the archive or download page.

6. How to Use

A guidebook is placed in reception of the manor. Most things are written in it.
See images also.

Bedding furniture in the manor is same as my another mod, Dovahkiin Relaxes Too.
You will see a bedroll entry animation when you first activated it, and then activate it again after your character settled in.

Followers can come to the manor together. All 'Player Teammates' near you are taken.

7. Miscellaneous Notes

Men's sandal mesh is a skimp work - it's completely as same as women's. I cannot touch it. Sorry.

Handle texture of doors will look poor, too. Same as sandals.

Some people might need LOD mesh and textures - I avoided them for now since they are huge.
I think you can generate them with ospace etc.

I recommend you to modify the manor by creating esp file upon esm, if you need something more.
I'm satisfied for now with this manor.

8. Modification, Redistribution
You can freely use scripts included in the archive to create another mod. PNG files are useless for any purposes, I suppose ;P
Everything else came originally from Skyrim(vanilla), so they are all under the terms of use by Bethesda.

9 Version History
2012.9.28 - initial
2012.9.29 - Bug fix: follower transfer accuracy
2012.9.30 - Bug fix: player and follower transfer stability
2012.10.10 - Bug fix: bird and cricket sound more timely, adjusted bathing effects duration / Enhance: critters in pond, workaround for non-SKSE users / Packaging: face tint mask attached
2012.10.20 - Enhance: added shrine and arena optioin / Bug fix: eased free zabuton positioning problem