Menu shouts written in dragons language by GlutSlup
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1. Description:
If you use Thuumic or SkyVoice mod and sometimes you forget how to sound words of power in the dragons language, this mod will help you. This simple mod replece translation of dragon words back to dragon language (english pronunciation), and you can see it on the magic menu. Without spoilers only those words that your dovahkiin find and read.
2. Compatybility:
Compatibile with all language versions, SkyUI mod, Thuumic mod, SkyVoice mod and even mods changing cooldown or power of shouts, becouse they only retranslate dragon words in game magic menu, don't change full shouts properities.
3. Installation:
Installation is simply: unpack and move file MenuShoutsInDragonsLanguage.esp (or other my file) to your /Data and activate it in launcher data files menu, or you can use Nexus Mod Manager. You can also install file from update section if you have some DLC. If you want english, french or polish translation check optional files section. Read descriptions to match what DLC you have (or don't have) or what translation you want, for example: "Dragon only" is without translation, "Dragon-English" is with english translation.
4. Recommended mods:
I recommend the following mods (not necessary but they give meaning to my mod):
- ThuuMic by DeadlyAzuril and PsychoHampster:
- SkyVoice by jeanlou:
- SkyUI (better menu for PC):
- Powerful Shouts by DoomKnightOfChaos:
5. Other issues:
- I do mod for Dawnguard DLC shouts, finally 3 months after world premiere I can buy this DLC in my country. Thanks to aurora2 I'm sure it works weel.
- I do mod for Dragonborn DLC shouts, when they remove regional lock I can buy it english version on Steam :)
- I don't modify SkyUI becouse I don't have right to do this, but I add english translation next to dragons words in my own simple optional mod. Zrobilem tez taka wersje w moim ojczystym jezyku, po premierze w Polsce tak?e dla dodatku Dawnguard. I can do more language versions like this, provided its can be (language version) download on Steam, in that case all pronunciation is english becouse I don't know any other languages pronunciations.
- Sorry for my english and french, this is not my native, I use Google translator (and brain), please report my any mistakes.