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I'm not working on this mod anymore. I"m putting my focus on my new glowing items mod GLowing items V2

Glowing items

by bwins95

Version :1.8
Date :08/13/2012
Category :Models and textures
Mod's Website :


Small items glow so they are easier to see.


Coin purses
Gems (flawless and normal)
Leather strips
Arrows (sun hollowed, blood stained, and dragon bone)
Stone mine
Clay pile
Clay brick
Iron fitting
Quarried stone

The arrows and bolts will only glow after they are shot. pre-placed arrows and bolts will not glow. the sun hollowed arrow has a glow map, so it glows all the time. arrows in quivers will not glow.
This is intended to have hdr or bloom enabled to make them glow.


Version 2.0
Split the single file into three Skyrim, Dawngaurd, and Hearthfire. Added Stone mine, Clay pile, Clay brick, Lock, Hinge, Iron fitting, Quarried stone, Glass,

Fixed missing color blind key picture and added missing Key meshes for color blind all items

Version 1.9
Added Keys and changed the color of mines

Version 1.8
Added bolts and arrows.

Version 1.7
Added potion (Health, Stamina, and Magic) and Mines.

Version 1.6
Added fomod installer.

Version 1.5
Added Leather and Leather strips. Updated All in one and All in one - colorblind version with new items.

Version 1.4
Added Ore and Ingots

Version 1.2
Fixed lockpick file path. now the lockpick glows.

Version 1.1
Added coin purses and lockpicks

Version 1.0
Uploaded Glowing coins. Added images of coins,Added readme and Change log.


Replace the meshes and textures with the new ones.


The glowing mines are incompatible with glowing ore viens 300. it adds a cube map that mine does not have and they are the same mesh.

As long as the texture file path is the same as the original new textures will still work.


PM me on the nexus


Manual installation

Extract the data folder and drop it in the Skyrim folder. the folder path will drop everything in it's correct place.

Nexus Mod Manager Installation

Download it to the manager and check the box next to it.

Manual Uninstallation

Remove the meshes and textures.

Nexus Mod Manager Uninstallation

Disable the mod and delete it.

Tools Used:

Mod Dependencies

To make Bolts, Sun hollowed arrows, Blood stained arrows, and Dragonbone arrows glow you need dawnguard.

Future Plans

If you would like to see an item glow, leave a comment or PM me.

Legal and Licensing

Before you use the content first contact me and ask for permission

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