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A Hunters Retreat on the south shores of beautiful Lake Ilinalta. All crafting. Smith, Alchemist merchant & trainer. Stable with 4 Horses. Basement pub where leveled hunters hang out.

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Steam version

Silver Falls Lodge sits on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Ilinalta, just east of Half-Moon Mill. With stunning views offering the sunlit water, The Lady Stone directly north, and surrounding countryside, the grounds boast a garden of both food and alchemy supplies, as well as a full smithy. Within, you'll find rest, good drink, and fellow hunters to chat with over a flagon of ale.

This home is ideal for hard-core hunters, and you can use it along with "Trophy Hunting" (Nexus), "Hunting in Skyrim", and "Camp Markers". They are all compatible.

You'll find a few notes pinned around the home by iron daggers that explain a few things regarding the making of this mod -- please read them!

The home is fully Navmeshed, and meticulously tested so followers can come in with you. However, on the pier the Navmesh only extends to the water's edge -- CK wouldn't let me take it any further than that!

The mod "Spouses Can Live Everywhere" appears to work this mod! So you can bring your beloved here with you :)

Main Hall:
- Hand-made aquarium with fish and mudcrab
- firepit to warm yourself after a hard day of adventuring
- a Bard to serenade you a while
- a row of weapon racks to store your hunting bows
- trophy heads
- connection to the Drunken Huntsman shop in Whiterun
- compatible with "Hunting in Skyrim" and "Trophy Hunterin" mods

Crafting Room:
- Enchanting table
- Alchemy table
- 5 separate chests: Potions, Enchanted Items, Ingredients, Food, Arrows
- fireplace w/ cooking pot
- weapon plaques, including shield displays
- 2 small display cases (not yet triggered but will be once I figure out how)

Guest Bedroom:
- fireplace
- 2 beds
- decorative bookshelf
- wardrobe

Player Bedroom:
- large bed
- wardrobe
- bookshelf
- chest
- strongbox
- 2 weapon plaques
- fireplace

- Several mannequins for displaying your armor
- library w/ 2 bookshelves, 1 working storable bookcase, desk
(the 2 shelves in the corner with books contain several hunting-related skillbooks!)
- fireplace

Basement Pub:
- pub sign collection
- Barkeep who is a Master Alchemy Trainer and Merchant (I thought that seemed fitting)
- 5 different food storage barrels, labeled
- raw meat locker
- 2 cooking pots, firepit
- hunting taxidermy
- Hall of Houses, trapdoors connecting to each of the 5 vanilla homes (of course, if you don't actually -own- the home(s) yet, they will be empty or full of junk)
- small Player VIP room (if you want a little peace and quiet, this little room is not navmeshed, you can relax by yourself)

Outside Grounds:
- Vegetable garden,
- Alchemy garden
- Full Smithy
- bedroll for sleeping under the stars
- 4-Horse stable w/ leveled horses, each unique, essential, and named
Charger (saddled paint), Blaze (saddled palomino), Cosmo (black), and Willow (pepper gray)
If you fast-travel to a big city they will wait in the stable, however to get them back to the Lodge you need to ride them back. I wish I could program them to return there if you get a different horse but I don't know how!
- 4 chickens and 4 nests in back of the house
- Fishing pier with RESPAWNING Fish Barrel, and just off-shore, a sunken ship to explore!
- nearby vantage point on top of a rocky crag
- Existing Iron ore vein between smithy and the vantage platform

NPCs (all essential):
- Garett - the Bard, also a general goods merchant, who sells Light Armor, Potions, Gems, & Books
- Rowan - a Ranger Scout leveled follower, dressed as a hunter
- Roweena - Barkeep, Master Alchemy Trainer, Rowan's sister
- Tom - the gardener
- Lem gro-Magon - blacksmith
- 2 leveled hunters in the pub
- 3 leveled hunters hanging out on the pier

NOTE: Mead and Wine barrels were base-edited. All mead and wine barrels in the game can potentially hold all types of mead and wine. To remove this change, use TES5Edit.

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