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Added: 27/09/2012 - 03:40AM
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There was some miscoloring with the face and the body... This new file should fix that. Sorry for the issue! And thanks again for the downloads.

Hi all! This is my 5th mod of the vanilla changes, and first of all I want to thank you for the support.

For me, Lydia is the best follower in the game, a true companion, a true friend when the things come bad and the dragurs are chasing you. And yeah, almost all of the game time you're with her covering your back. So, I just thought that she deserves a change, to look a little bit more worked, more femmenine keeping that brave nordic style. And remember that she's able to marryage!

Im using the Better Females by Bella mod, but this is just a vanilla change. If you have got another texture's for woman (or if you just have the vanilla version), its NOT a problem. Probabbly you should get a less smooth skin, but the face change should be there. Anyways, I really recommend the mod.

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Hope you enjoy it!