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this mod adds two new standalone norse great swords to the game they are forge- improve- and enchantable and lore-friendly too

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Hi Nexus,
I wanted to create a nordic greatsword. in that I succeeded as I find.
I created extra a light and a dark variant because so they can adapt the equipment
or your playing style.
i hope you like both ^^

thx to hodilton for the videoSwords starts at 1:11 and thx to Skyrim Mod Spotlight for the second.

(mod description)

the name of the swords are

(Aries - the "good" variant)
(Tombstone - the "evil" variant)

they are standalone and comes in one esp. file

to forge the swords, you find them in the steel-section


2x firewood
6x steel ingots
4x Iron ingots
4x dwarven ingots
2x gold ingots
2x silver ingots
2x bearpelt
3x leather stripes

to improve it
1x steel ingots & 1x dwarven ingot

2x firewood
4x coal
6x steel ingots
2x iron ingots
2x quicksilver ingots
4x ebony ingots
2x cavebearpelt
3x leather stripes

to improve it
1x steel ingot & 1x ebony ingot

the weapons are not overpowered, they are a bit lower as the daedric greatsword
Aries makes a little bit more DMG as Tombstone, but Tombstone has a little higher chance to make critical strikes.

dount wonder you about the enchantment symbol
i wanted to give both swords an perk
aries should get the silver sword perk but because I have no plan of the other perks
I want to wait on a few tips from you which perks it should be
but you can still enchant both.

I uploaded an optional Aries-Normalmap that you only need to replace in:
she edits only the blade of aries so that she gets smooth
i made a picture in which we see what happens

the pics of (Aries) are a bit out of date, because I improved the relief in the middle that it looks a lot better.

fixed missing textures
updated materials to involve the sheath

feel free to upload images, give comments and tag the file!

credits and thx to Bethesda for the great and beautiful game and the nif. files that i used

So have fun with the game and the mod