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Beautiful bright eyes for characters. Vivid detailed colors without performance loss! If you use this, please Endorse it!

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Bright Eyes
version 1.3
by Skree000

Texture replacements for all human, elf, orc and vampire eye colors.
Bloodshot eyes have been replaced with more exotic nonbloodshot versions, indigo and deep red.
Colors that were very similar have been replaced with new ones. (Ie. Brown, Lightbrown and Dark brown)

Changelist 1.3
Blood Red vampire eye replaces the pink and yellow bethesda version
Amber eye slightly brightened and pupil a touch smaller

Changelist 1.2
Enriched the eyes with more detail, and slightly brought the intensity down to prevent every npc from
having glowing eyes in the dark.
Added smooth shading around the outsides where the eye sinks into the eyelid
Added shading to the tops of the pupils to simulate lid shadowing
Shrank the size of the iris on all pupils.
Toned down some of the non human eyes that were a bit too cartoony.

Texture replacers for eye colors in DDS format

These files overwrite those located at \skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\eyes\
using the following filenames:

Unpack the included files to your \skyrim folder and it should automatically do the rest.

Bethesda for this awesome game!

Known Bugs:
The eyeballs included with human races have a strange fleshy triangular bit on the inner corner which shows up as a slightly strange flesh colored
sliver when certain eye shapes are used.
This is a UV problem on the eyeball meshes themselves, and can be cured at a future time, but for now, the eyes look good in most conditions.