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Thank you for the endorsements!

With the sudden death of my hard drive(I lost my faithful copy of this mod sadly as well) and Skyrim updated to 1.8, updates are going to be slow as I try to rebuild and rewrite everything. Keep the feedback going as I try to improve stuff!

Adds a playable Varsicari Race.

These are the ousted people of Reito Valeir believed to have inherited the blood of the clan that sacrificed themselves as vessels for the negative energy counterpart of the magical powers every Reito Valeir has. Varsicaris are known to be expert in stealth and knowledge acquisition, and are favored spies among the realm.

Being vessels of negative energy, Varsicaris start with poor constitution. They start with lower health, magicka and stamina as compared to other races. However, they have an innate debilitating aura that slowly drains others off their energies(also why they are ousted off their home world). Apart from the debilitating aura, this bloodline perfected styles of acquiring skills to better survive their harsh environment. They tend to learn fast and accrue knowledge without much guidance. They make use of what they have and use it to full potential. When threatened, a Varsicari enters an "adrenaline rushed" state to better assess the situation and do what is necessary.

Varsicari Abilities Overview

  • Void Essence
  • Varsicaris carry negative energy in them. This negative energy can sometimes absorb any form of magicka thrown at them and avoid hurting the Varsicari altogether. This is not always the case as most Varsicaris have weak constitution and probably would not even stand the collateral damage a spell has.
  • Weak Constitution
  • Because they carry that harmful negative energy, Varsicaris tend to start with low Health, Stamina and Magicka. The Void Essence empties their natural reserves and so they start with zero Magicka. Varsicaris also progress slower in those aspects as compared to other races.
  • Destruction Style
  • A style that uses the Void Essence, this style projects an aura around the Varsicari and makes the Void Essence span over an area. The effect grows stronger near the Varsicari and gets weaker towards the edges. On the outer edges, people would suffer disorientation, vertigo and nausea. Going nearer, the Void Essence start to break through and drain magicka reserves. Getting more closer, the victim gets into the risk of death as the Void Essence starts breaking though the person's life force. Some say going even nearer, where the Void Essence is the strongest, would let the Varsicari take hold of the person's source of life!
  • Destruction Style: Constrain Aura
  • Varsicaris can constrain the Destruction Style like they can hold their breath(not really, I can go only for ~40 seconds). For 120 seconds, a Varsicari can suppress the Destruction Style and avoid any bad consequences the style can inflict.
  • Nourishment Style
  • A style that improves what the Varsicari already knows. Being on an environment with limited resources, poor constitution, high risk and a whole world against them, Varsicaris tend to improve what skills they have and use it to full potential. This improves all skills to about 2/3rds of their base values.
  • Zero Style
  • An improvement of the Nourishment Style. The Zero Style removes all assumptions and takes in all the knowledge the world offers without judgment or bias. This makes any Varsicari a constant learner and will gain skills as time progresses.


Online readme now available.

Special thanks to
Mirabili and madmax2009 for finding a bug on version 1.0.3 about starting a game, choosing this as the starting race and getting stuck in the chopping block. Version 1.0.4 should fix that issue. Users using version <1.0.3 should not skip to 1.0.4 though as v1.0.3 includes a stepping-up code that v1.0.4 does not do. Games that start with v1.0.3 and v1.0.4 is not affected by this change.

I've been playing this with T3nd0s Skyrim Redone and I know enemy scaling is differently done in that overhaul. I think, for starting levels though, the scaling of vanilla Skyrim is pretty much the same as his, so the settings here shouldn't be too strong for Vanilla Skyrim. You can always up the level a notch if you ever think this is caking the vanilla. :3

As always, feedback is encouraged! Also, thanks for endorsing! It keeps me driven to polish it more (rather than play and finish a game with a rough version)

I suggest playing this race with Lore-Friendly Starting Stats and Encumbrance by Sukeban" for a better effect.