Windhelm Military Enhancemet Project by CelsiuZ
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Added: 25/09/2012 - 06:40PM
Updated: 12/12/2012 - 05:18PM

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Last updated at 17:18, 12 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 18:40, 25 Sep 2012

NOTE: The armor is not from my mod, I am using a replacer.

NOTE 2: The mod has been updated heavily, it is now Version 4.0,
This means that there is more fortifications, more guards, more sandbox options and all the previous issues should be solved!

Why did i make the mod?
I felt Windhlem being the captial of the StormCloaks should have been a little more well defended, I was very surpised to find that it was not, therefore i added a new guard outpost, with some new sandbox guards.

What is in the mod?
There are 3 new guard outposts, they are guarding all of the roads going into Windhelm.
One is a guard cabin, one is a tower outpost and the other is a few scruffy barricades manned by two guards.

I have done my best to add sandbox options for the garrison so that they may seem more real, and to make them fit into the lore of Skyrim.

Windhelm approach along the road

Put the esp. in your data folder and activate it.

Please report any sandbox bugs, navmesh bugs or anything else that might appear, I think i managed to remove all of them in the last version, but let me know if i am wrong

Cheers guys!