Ancestral Helms - the Jagged Crown Ancient Nord and Yngol Helms by ViperMkII
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Last updated at 2:12, 7 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 7:53, 25 Sep 2012

Update 3.0

Hopefully this will be the last update for a very long time!

When I first made this mod I didn't have any plans to publish it so I lumped everything into one .esp. I like options and customization in Skyrim and that is the goal with this latest update.

1) Moved the gilded armor to a separate mod.
2) Segregated the helms into three different .esp files.

Now players can pick which parts of the mod they wish to use without having their steel smithing menu grow to a massive size.

*Note*: All four main files CAN be used at the same time.


Ancestral Helms
Published By ViperMkII

These helms are for the Nord that, true to his heritage, is a master blacksmith and like any good Nord, wants to honor his ancestors in everything; especially on the battlefield.

The best looking helmets in Skyrim are, in my opinion, the ancient nord, Yngol helm and jagged crown; the best looking armors are the steel and steel plate. What I have done here is to make these three helmets match the best looking steel and steel plate textures available on Nexus.

This mod adds three set of helms.

The helmets are:

Helm of Kings (Based on Yngol's Helm)

Helm of Heroes (Based on Ancient Nord)

Wyrmslayer's Helm (Based on Jagged crown)

Each helm comes in three varieties, gilded, silver plated and steel. Each variety can be found under the steel category of the smithing menu and requires the advanced smithing perk to unlock. The gilded set and silver plated set match the original steel plate in tone, as well as AMB steel plate, V1. The plain helms are made to match the original steel color as made by Bethesda. They retain the hammered look because I like it! My idea here is that because they are Nord helms, the Nord blacksmith fuses ancient technique with 'modern' materials, honoring his warrior ancestors.

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