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Original mod \"Clanking Armor\" by LordSane required. The original .wav files have been edited to my personal tastes with a deeper sound and slightly more bass.

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*Original Mod Required!* Download it, it's awesome!

Clanking Armor by LordSane

While I love LordSane's mod for Clanking Armor, myself and a few others requested sounds that are slightly deeper, with a little more bass. This is a mod of that mod!

After about 15 minutes with a free sound editing utility, I changed the original files to suit my personal tastes. I added some bass and deepened the sound of the clanks for each sound file. They're a bit more "punchy" with a lower pitch.

After installing his original mod, just install these files to skyrim/data

To uninstall, delete from skyrim/data/sound/fx/newheavyarmorsound

A huge thanks to LordSane for his Clanking Armor mod and files! His permission notes say that his files are free to use as long as I credit him, and he has approved my contribution.

I wish only to share my immersive experiences with the Skyrim community. :)

User svaalbard / insane0hflex has made a wonderful mod spotlight video that shows the difference between the original and deeper versions. Thanks man!

Clanking demonstration at 0:32ish