Improved 3D World Map and other skyrim ini tweaks by FireHawkX
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Added: 03/12/2011 - 05:07AM
Updated: 31/12/2011 - 05:37AM

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Last updated at 5:37, 31 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 5:07, 3 Dec 2011

Here are my personal version of the world map tweaks :
A friend at work asked for my file and I decided to share it here with everyone.

I have been messing around with the skyrim.ini file adding and tweaking the map for a better zoom in and out speed, keyboard movement while holding right click to navigate, etc...

To edit skyrim.ini, you simply need to find the file in your "documents or user" folder under my games...
USER\My Games\Skyrim
(the save games are also located there, its always good to make a backup of the latest save every few days or so...)

I also suggest making a backup of Skyrim.ini before either replacing it with my own or editing it yourself.

(Thanks to Dem0nz for the following) :
For people using (ugridstoload=9 or higher.)
Dem0nz reported that the following 2 values in my mod causes load screen to hang :
So if you are using ugridstoload=9 or higher, you should edit the file to remove thoses 2 entry.

I also found out that the same was true for anyone using a LOD (level of detail) upgrade...
So IF you plan to use the AWESOME :
A Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin
High Quality 3D Map by Ethatron

Then you need to use a MAPMenu version Without thoses 2 entry! (it is very CLEARLY written in the file - if you have any issue don't hesitate to ask and i will help!)

If you download my personal skyrim.ini file, there are a few things I have changed beside the world map tweaks, so unless you want your arrow to fly straight and shoot where you aim, a FOV of 90 AND slightly different 3rd person camera, then i suggest you simply copy the lines and add them yourself to your own ini file.

I now have 3 files in the download section, the optional ini file containing all the map modifications as well as my personal ini tweaks (with or without LOD upgrade), AND the "do it yourself version" that contains a text file explaining how to copy paste the data yourself to ONLY add the new map version!

Thoses values can be tweaked to personal preference, the 3 last entry in the [Map] Section represents the speed of mouse look, keyboard and zoom... If you prefer having blur and sky over the map you can also replace the appropriate lines with a 1 instead of a 0 or the opposite... I do not really recomment modifying the other values as they can cause clipping through mountains or other issue...

I hope people looking for a better experience with the world map will be satisfied with my personal version of the tweaks...

Have a nice day everyone!
-=Fire Hawk X=-

This is only some tweaks to the original Skyrim.ini file, so anyone can use and do whatever they desire with the changes! :)

This mod was inspired by the 2 map mods i have seen and tried here on Nexus.

Map Improved v1_3 by : athfkarl


World Map in full 3D by : Mikanoshi

Also in my ini file are a few changes for arrows from :
No Gravity Arrows by Graxster