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Save Hot Key mod made by Archeyreece @ The Nexus Forums
Archey @ The Bethsoft Forums

This mod does the exact same thing as my Fallout 3 mod. It turn the F11 key into a hotkey that creates a brand new save file. Essentially like quicksaving, except a brand new file each time. The hotkey can be changed by editing the .ini file that comes with the mod.

NOTE: This version of the mod requires dragon script. When Skyrim Script Extender and Creation Kit are fully released I will create a new version for the Script Extender

Script Dragon:
The Script Dragon download can be found here, at the bethesda forums.

First you need to install Script Dragon.

1. Extract the files from the BIN folder into the same directory as your TESV.exe
2. unpack the files into the same directory as TESV.exe
3. See below to change the hotkey.

Changing the HotKey:
1. Open the SaveHotKey.ini file.
2. Locate the hex code for the respective key you want
3. Replace it with the current one. (key=HEXCODE)

I do not take responsibility for anything that happens to your save files, game, computer, so on.

Version 1.00 of the SKSE version has been released, you can get it over here:

Skyrim and Script Dragon were upated sometime ago, and Save Hot Key is confirmed to work.

Script Dragon and Skyrim have been updated to Save Hot Key is confirmed working.

Script Dragon has been updated to and Save Hot Key is compatible.

When Skyrim Script Extender and the Creation Kit are released I will make a new version for the Script Extender and Creation Kit (.esp file), but will continue to update the Dragon Script version also.

Currently Script Dragon is not compatible with Skyrim 1.3. Alexander, the creator expects to have a version out for 1.3 tomorrow (08/12/2011).